III Latin American Conference gvSIG, Sharing a common project

This is the name with which the 3as will be performing. GvSIG seminars for Latin America and the Caribbean, which will also be the Second Conference for Brazilians. The event has an international character, so we will see participants from Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and the rest of Latin America, a context in which gvSIG has had an interesting reception due to the foundation's effort to create a quality fabric among academic institutions, government and companies oriented to the provision of services with Open Source opening.

gvsig days brazilIt will be from the 12 to the 14 of October of 2011, in Foz do Iguaçu, that multicultural city between the Brazilian and Paraguayan borders that is famous for the Iguazu Falls and Itaipu Dam. Its objective is to provide a meeting place where technicians, researchers, developers, experts, and the community in general, come together in an environment with debates around free geomatics and GvSIG.

It is interesting, that on this occasion, a good amount -probably most- will speak Portuguese, value that will give an interesting flavor to the presentations and coexistence with a country with whom we share context and whose takeoff we all applaud.

In charge of the gvSIG foundation we will have two themes that will surely give a touch of valuable inspiration to the expectations that are sought in the Seventh International Conference of November and continuity to the theme initiated in First Days of Argentina, just recently:

  • New ethics for a new model.
  • gvSIG, something more than science.

The rest of the topics will bring a contribution to the community, to see that free software is having a significant growth in our context, at least with gvSIG that demonstrates an aggressive internationalization strategy.

Below are some topics of the preliminary agenda, in which only 12 papers stand out in Spanish, while the other 22 with their theme predict that they will be in Portuguese. Its translation is quite understandable, so I have decided to leave it as:

  1. Dissemination of the gvSIG in the field of the Faculty of Architecture
  2. Experiences in the use of gvSIG for the field of teaching GIS
  3. Integral Geographic Information System for Forest Management. SIFOMAP 3.0
  4. extDMSAR, a Data Mining tool integrated into the gvSIG Geographic Information System
  5. System for the Calculation of Width and Representation of FORESTA Regulatory Hydrological Forest Belts
  6. Experience in development of cartographic editing applications with gvSIG plugins
  7. Influence of immigration in Rosario
  8. Design and operation of urban sanitation and drainage networks in combination with EPA-SWMM. A case study in the metropolitan crown of Barcelona
  9. gvSIG applied to the exploitation of urban infrastructure and services. Supply of drinking water, sanitation, roads, public lighting, green spaces, waste and equipment
  10. Interactive Environmental and Oceanographic Atlas of the Laguna dos Patos - RS (AOELP)
  11. SIGAP: Geographic Information System for Prospective Analysis
  12. XION COMUNAL - Geographic Information System for communal councils of Venezuela

Iguazu waterfalls

  1. Tradução do gvSIG for o portuguese brasileiro - um trabalho colletivo
  2. Does the GIS of the past have a future? The Unifesp History course project
  3. Use Case: gvSIG na construção de Bases para um Sistema de Informações Ambientais
  4. Free software as a contribution to Technology Transfer for the Mozambican Agricultural Research Institute
  5. Training in the use of Geotechnologies at a distance using free tools
  6. Didactic Material for Training Course in GvSig destined to the employees of the public sector of the Municipality of Botucatu-SP
  7. Land use dynamics for agriculture in the 2010 / 2011 summer crop in the city of Derrubadas / RS through multitemporal NDVI analysis obtained from Landsat 5 TM images
  8. Didactics of procedures for the use of satellite images for the Generation of a Planialtimétrica Base in an urban area for Municipal Management
  9. Use of gvSIG no help from administration two dice espaciais do Campus of the Paulista University "Júlio Mesquita Filho" Campus Registration
  10. Morphometric analysis of the hydrographic basin of Rio Batatal in Eldorado / SP com gvSIG + Sextante
  11. The gvSIG applied to the evaluation of the accuracy of thematic maps based on the Expedited Air Survey method (LAE)
  12. GvSIG as a tool for analyzing and editing the geographic data of the Ecological-Economic Macrozoning of the Legal Amazon
  13. The use of gvSIG in the construction of the Geographic Information System of the National Foundation of the Indian - Funai
  14. The use of the gvSIG software in the geoprocessing discipline of the Forestry Engineering course of the Federal University of Paraná
  15. Georeferencing of historical-archaeological points using the GvSIG Fortifications of the XVIII century in the bar of Rio Grande
  16. The use of gvSIG in public enterprises: the case of CODEVASF
  17. GIS for risk assessment and response to natural disasters in the Ribeira Valley and South Coast of SP, Brazil
  18. Geoprocessing in the delimitation of conflict areas in permanent preservation areas of the Córrego Pinheirinho sub-basin
  19. Free Geotechnology Framework in SAAE São Carlos environment - SP
  20. GvSIG as a Geoprocessing Desktop Tool in the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation - IDE / ICMBio
  21. Representation and compatibility of urban information in gvSIG
  22. Use of gvSIG in Mapping Green Areas in the Municipality of Guarulhos

To be aware of the definitive agenda and digital versions of the papers, here I leave the link.

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