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A couple of months ago the company Ingeosolum launched an electronic bulletin in which they communicate something of what is happening in the area of ​​Engineering, and especially of geotechnics. This is the driving company of the Geo5, of FINE Software, of which I did a revision the other time.

boletin ingeosolumIn this second edition are referring to a couple of events that took place in the middle:

  • The VIII Golf Tournament of the Technical Engineers Association of Public Works CIT on the occasion of the festival of its patron Saint Domingo de la Calzada, in the Olivar de la Hinojosa Golf Course.
  • boletin ingeosolumThe international course of Geotechnics and Tunnel Engineering using the 3D FEA Midas GTS software, which was carried out in Delft, The Netherlands. Applications that were considered in this course included:

Deep excavations
Soil-structure interaction
Stability of slopes
Land containment structures
Filtration and consolidation analysis

In addition, this bulletin also includes a brief reference to the foundation by means of dynamic injection micropiles.

To receive the newsletter, you must register when downloading your demo software, or communicate to one of your contact emails.

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