A great blogger is retired

the news it should not have been sent the 1 of April, because anyone would have thought that he was playing with the fool's day, an equivalent of the day of the innocent in the Anglo-Saxon style ... and go that there are those who joke to such extremes.

Knowing that it is not a joke is shocking.

the dirt

I mean Pete Kesley, who wrote in one of the official AutoDesk blogs: "The Dirt".

The reason for his retirement is having gone through a long process of chemotherapy after he was found to have cancer. Good thing it went well but says it will work in another area of ​​AutoDesk, away from the blog. For the moment I hope to maintain the link to your blog in my blogroll, because I liked how he wrote in his style of evangelizing anti-AutoCAD users ... we'll see who takes it up on the Civil 3D theme.

pete kesley When people can change, this photo shows the before and after; As he states, he will have to renew his passport because he does not believe it at the airport

... luck for him.

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