MobileMapper and Promark in Spanish

A few days ago a reader asked me about the Basic User Guide of the MobileMapper 100. Usually these manuals come in the disk that accompanies the equipment bought in Ashtech, also in German, French and English with the names:

XM100 & 200Platform_GSG_B_en.pdf

XM100 & 200Platform_GSG_B_de.pdf

XM100 & 200Platform_GSG_B_fr.pdf

XM100 & 200Platform_GSG_B_en.pdf

But for some mistake of someone who should have already fired, all manuals that come on this disc called "Getting Started Guide" are a copy of the English version, although they have the respective name. After going around (many) there I found it and for this reason I am uploading the file for download.

Mobile mapper 100 manualThis manual is the same for both the MobileMapper 100, Which is the same for the Promark 100 and Promark 200, as the equipment is the same, only changes the configuration of software and accessories.

Here is the index of the document.

First use

  • Unpacking
    Inserting the battery into the receiver
    Charge the battery for the first time
    Turn on the receiver
    Adjusting the backlight level
    Adjustment of the backlight inactivity time
    Energy management
    Regional configuration
    Lock the screen and keyboard
    How to hold the receiver
    Switch to sleep mode
    Turn off the receiver

System Description

  • Front view of the receiver
    Visual display
    Keyboard, scroll buttons and Enter
    Pencil and pen holder
    Integrated GNSS antenna
    Integrated GSM antenna
    Built-in Bluetooth antenna
    Rear receiver face
    Camera lens
    Battery compartment
    Side view of the receiver (left)
    Power button
    Power LED and battery
    SDIO interface
    External antenna input:
    Bottom View of Receiver
    Power / data connector
    Docking Station
    Top view
    Rear view

Advanced functions

  • Types of food
    LED Indicator
    Internal battery
    Battery Charging Scenarios
    Port assignment table
    Inserting a SIM card
    Use of the internal modem
    Activating the phone function
  • Establishing a GPRS connection
    Establishing a GSM connection in CSD mode
    CDMA connection through an external mobile phone
    Editing the default dial string
    Bluetooth pairing between receiver and external mobile phone
    Configuring the Internet connection
    Using the camera
    Take a picture
    Rename an image
    Rotate an image
    Crop an image
    Autocorrect an image
    Delete an image
    Change image settings
    Record a video
    Define the length of a video movie
    Start a video
    Finish a video
    Play a video
    Rename a video
    Delete a video
    Voice settings

GNSS Toolbox

  • Options
    GNSS configuration
    Differential mode
    NMEA Output
    GNSS status
    Problem solving
    About me
    Turn off GNSS

Platform specifications

  • GNSS specifications
    Operating System
    Physical characteristics
    User interface
    Environmental characteristics
    Power Requirements
    Multimedia and sensors
    Standard Accessories

Here you can download the manual

4 Replies to "Manual MobileMapper and Promark in Spanish"

  1. hello friends I have a promark 100 I want to download files for post processing to the gnss solutions program and they do not load I get a failure to convert raw data files DSNP
    someone could help me I'm from Peru

  2. Hi, I bought a GPS Magellan Professional Model Promark3, but I only have the Mobile Mapper CX installed, what do I need to do to install the Promark3 ?, someone who can guide me, I don't have installation discs

  3. Yes, the manual is for the 120, because the changes between these models are minimal in terms of functionality. What changes are some new applications and the antenna conditions that you connect.

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