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With great satisfaction we have learned that DMS Group will be initiating new courses under its e-learning platform, so we take advantage of the space to promote the value that these types of services bring to the geospatial community.


DMS Group company specializing in Spatial Data Infrastructures and Geographic Information Systems launches new e-learning training courses.

Our years of experience and the work done with the National Geographic Institute, Geological and Mining Institute of Spain, Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs and CSIC endorse us. If they have trusted our work, why not?

The courses we offer will allow you to gain advanced knowledge on acquisition, analysis and exploitation of geographical information:

- Course on Cartography on the web

clip_image002 [6]

- Course of Geographic Information Systems with gvSIG

- Course on Spatial Data Infrastructures

To get more information about the courses and to be able to download the complete fiches click here:

clip_image004 [5]

We are waiting for you on our training platform

If you want to contact us write to us from Or via the email address

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The DMS Group Training Team.

You can follow us at: Facebook y Twitter. We will wait for you!

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