What's new in WordPress 3.3 Sonny

The new version of WordPress that has just arrived when the year 2011 is finished, brings some news, not many but important:

  • In fields where there were changes, a warning balloon is raised the first time it is used, indicating the change.WordPress 33
  • Then, the left panel now instead of deploying to the abyss shows the nested functionalities after the mouse step. Very good, because as they installed plugins made this panel uncontrollable, although it is still necessary to add the warnings at the main panel level, to be alert for something to review.
  • The top bar underwent slight changes as well, though more at iconography level.
  • Hopefully, now in the import options has been integrated Tumblr.
  • As for the construction of entries, the Ajax intefase now allows drag and drop files, the best in terms of changes. Whether images, files, or videos, a status bar of the upload condition is displayed.
  • The functionalities in the version for iPad have also been improved especially in the navigation through the text in wording.
  • A message now appears warning that another user is editing an entry, which means an improvement in co-edition, although it is just a historical alert prevents the creation of separate versions and waste of time.
  • At the database level there are changes, not significant for users but for developers. Yes you can see that some garbage came to light, despite having clean the base with the Wp Clean Fix plugin, there were hidden versions of entries that came out as dirty.

Otherwise, the update is clean, without many setbacks. Definitely out of Your installation Which still requires a specialized level, After 5 minutes WordPress represents one of the most worthy examples of the Open Source model.

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