OkMap, best for creating and editing GPS maps. GRATUITOUS

OkMap is perhaps one of the most robust programs for the construction, edition and management of GPS maps. And its most important attribute: It's Free.

Every day we have seen the need to configure a map, georeferencing an image, upload a shape file or kml to a Garmin GPS. Tasks like these are the simplest using OkMaps. Let's see some of its attributions:

  • It supports vector data of the most used formats, including digital terrain model (DEM) with elevation data.
  • You can create layers type waypoints, routes and tracks from the desktop and then upload it to the GPS.
  • Supports geocode.
  • The data captured by the GPS can be downloaded to the computer to display and analyze them in various forms of reports and statistics.
  • By connecting the laptop to the GPS you can know the position on the maps by navigating from the screen and if you have a connection to a network you can send data remotely in real time.
  • It connects to Google Earth and Google maps, including with route data in 3D.
  • In addition to the kml format with transparency on jpg images in hybrid form, it has the ability to automatically generate kmz formats compatible with the Garmin background maps and the OruxMaps format. This includes the mosaic of georeferenced images and including the ECW format, the ones that go as vector files and the tessellated images in the kmz tablet.


Formats supported by OkMap

  • Raster format: tif, jpg, png, gif, bmp, wmf, emf.
  • In digital terrain model supports the .hgt extension, which is the DEM developed by NASA and the NGA. The formats that OkMap uses are SRTM-3 which has a pixel of 3 seconds, approximately 90 meters and the SRTM-1 of 1 second which is approximately 30 meters.
    With the DEM, OkMap obtains the altitude above sea level for the points captured, assigning each point of a GPX file a relative altitude; With which an altitude chart can then be constructed on a traveled route.
    The DEM data can be downloaded from http://dds.cr.usgs.gov/srtm/version2_1
  • As for vector data, OkMap can load GPX files, which are very common use because it is an exchange standard. Supports, both to open and save:
  • CompeGPS
    EasyGPS waypoints
    Fugawi waypoints
    Garmin MapSource gdb
    Garmin MapSource mps
    Garmin POI database
    Garmin POI gpi
    Geocaching waypoints
    Google Earth Kml
    Google Earth Kmz
    GPS TrackMaker
    Open StreetMap
    OziExplorer waypoints
    OziExplorer routes
    OziExplorer tracks
  • Supported devices, all of which include file conversion using GPS Babel.

Google earth gps mapsAdditional features to operate GPS maps

The program seems basic, but in reality it is a monster with everything it does; Here are some other features to try out:

  • Calculation of distances
  • Calculation of areas
  • Vector and raster deployment on Google Earth
  • Open current position on Google Maps
  • Generate a map service with .okm format
  • Image Mosaic and Grid Generation
  • Orient the map to the north
  • Trim raster map bit
  • Use transformations of GPS Babel
  • Create toponymy layers, in GPX, shape file, POI csv (Garmin) and OzyExplorer
  • Massive coordinate conversion
  • Distance and azimuth calculation
  • Conversion between different vector formats
  • Send data to GPS
  • Navigation along a route, with the inclusion of audio notices
  • NMEA navigation simulation
  • Includes several languages, including Spanish.

In general, an interesting solution for GPS map management. Although its usefulness is still for navigation purposes, in aspects such as marine, fishing, rescue services, geocoding and others whose emphasis on accuracy is not the important thing but functionality for geolocation.

It is not free software, it is copyrighted, but it is free. It only works on Windows, and requires 3.5 SP1 Framework

Download OkMap

The following video shows how to generate a Garmin Custom Map using this software.

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  1. Gratuitous? The free version does not let you do practically anything, so for free you have the credits ...

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