Open shp files with Google Earth

The version of Google Earth Pro stopped being paid a long time ago, with which it is possible to open different GIS and Raster files directly from the application. We understand that there are different ways to send a SHP file to Google Earth, either from proprietary software such as BentleyMap o AutoCAD Civil3D, Or open source as Qgis o GvSIG; In both aspects a transformation to KML is necessary.

In this article we explain how to do it with Google Earth Pro:

How to download Google Earth Pro

When people search for «Download Google Earth», the option of Pro, the evil of Google or the lack of a simple button to tell us that it is not paid is never shown.

This is the link for Download Google Earth Pro.

This is the link for Download Google Earth, Normal version.

When you install the version, we are prompted for the API key. If you have never opened one, you can place an email and test key GEPFREE. Selecting the option «Free trial».

Google earth pro

This opens Google Earth Pro to operate normally.

What GIS formats can be viewed from Google Earth Pro

From Google Earth, when making the option File> OpenEither File> Import, Allows us, unlike the normal version that only supported KML, KMZ and GPX, the following formats:

  • Point lists .txt .csv
  • MapInfo .tab files
  • Microstation .dgn files
  • United States Census .rt1
  • Visual Raster .vrt
  • Raster georeferenced .tif
  • Raster .ntf Transmission Formats
  • Pictures of Erdas .img
  • PCIDSK Databases .pix
  • Raster ILWIS .mpl
  • SGI .rgb image formats
  • Lift model .ter
  • Matrix Raster .rsw
  • Raster Idrisi .rst
  • Binary Grids Golden Software .grd
  • Pixmap portable .pnm
  • Raster Vexcel MFF .hdr
  • Binary terrain model .bt
  • Raster digitized ARC .gen
  • Grid SAGA binary .sdat

Google earth pro

Import SHP files

The big difference of importing files exported from another format to KML or importing them from Google Earth Pro, is that here they can come with a theming and not as a single layer of a single color. It is necessary that the .PRJ file exists, where the projection is configured, in addition to the .SHP of the vector data, .DBF of the tabular data and .SHX of the indexing.

Interestingly, it is not limited by the amount of data, which is disappointing with the SHAPE2EARTH Engine tool, although it has valuable functionality to thematize and attribute options. We must also admit that some GIS programs have some problems to convert to KML / KMZ with accuracy.

When importing data, the system asks obscene things, things like:

Look sweetheart, what you are looking to import has more than 2,500 functions and could collapse the coffeepot rot that you are using.

You can import only what is in your view.

You can import everything, under your own stubbornness,

Or you can cancel the import and better go and see if you already laid eggs the frog.

Google earth pro

As you can see in the following graph, the layer has been imported, themed with random colors.

Google earth pro

Interestingly, the style includes an html pair to display the tabular data, in this case as follows:

<table border = »0 ″>

<Tr> <td> <b> IDREGION </ td> <td> $ [municipalities / IDREGION] </ td> </ tr>

<Tr> <td> <b> TIPOREGION </ b> </ td> <td> $ [municipalities / TIPOREGION] </ td> </ tr>

<Tr> <td> <b> NOMBREREGI </ b> </ td> <td> $ [municipalities / NOMBREREGI] </ td> </ tr>

</ table>

Google earth pro

Download Google Earth Pro

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