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MundoGEO promotes a special week of online seminars from 9 to 13 in September. The number of registrants has already passed from 2,5 thousand
MundoGEO will perform the "MundoGEO Webinars Week" from 9 to 13 in September. Entries are open and must be done in the link of each online seminar.With the forecast of 7 thousand enrolled in the five events, the Webinars Week 2013 will present several topics on the geotechnologies and will be held together with companies and institutions in the sector. See the agenda below: • 9 from September to 17: 30 GMT: Go Monitor: Monitoring with Satellite Images
Astrium Geo Services presents its new monitoring service through high and high resolution images that allow to verify remotely the changes that happen in your area of ​​interest, regardless of the location, resolution or desired revisit.

• 10 from September to the 17: 30 GMT: The Application of the Mobile GIS in the Management of Environmental Impacts
In this webinar, Leica Geosystems will present the main possible applications using mobile GIS devices through field surveys to find out the variables related to environmental impacts in a general way.

• 11 from September to 17: 30 GMT: Big Data Applications for Traffic Analysis
Maplink invites the entire geotechnology community to participate in an online seminar on Big Data applications for complex traffic analysis. Participant!

• 12 from September to 14: 00 GMT: Advanced Geoprocessing with gvSIG
In this webinar, the gvSIG Association will present the advanced geoprocessing tools for raster and vector analysis available in the gvSIG Desktop.

• 13 from September to 14: 00 GMT: The Benefits of the EUMETCast System
EUMETCast is a low-cost real-time satellite information transmission system designed to distribute images of the Meoteosat Second Generation (MSG) meteorological satellite, in addition to the products and services of the Global Earth Observation Systems of System ).

The seminars will last approximately one hour each and entries must be made separately for each event. "This week of webinars will be a unique opportunity for the community to obtain information on various topics related to geotechnologies without having to leave their home or office," says Eduardo Freitas, coordinator of the online seminars MundoGEO. "Our partners are preparing very focused talks on how to improve the lives of geotechnology professionals. It's worth participating, "he concludes.

In all the webinars the participants will be able to interact with the presenters by sending their questions through the chat. Individual digital certificates of participation will be sent to all those who are online in the sessions and, in the last webinar (13 / 9), the draw of a Garmin GPS navigator will be made among all those registered during the week.

Registrations are now open! Enter the webinars link, sign up and be aware of the schedule of each online seminar. For more information, go

MundoGEO Online Seminars

MundoGEO's series of online seminars (webinars) was designed for educational and informational purposes on technology, cases and trends in the geotechnology sector. The methodology of the distance seminars is aligned to the global demands for professional content in a short space of time, without anyone having to travel, neither the speakers or mediators, nor the participants.

With more than 120 online seminars conducted from 2009, MundoGEO has an average of 1.500 enrolled and 750 participants per event. All the webinars are recorded and the videos are made available a few hours after the seminar, so that the participants can review and for those who could not connect. The archives, as well as the agenda of the upcoming online seminars, are available at:

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