Open multiple kml files in Google Maps

A few days ago I talked about how to open a kml file in Google Maps, knowing its route where it is hosted.

Now let's see what happens if we want to show several at the same time.

1 The kml route

In this case, I will do this by showing information from the Regional Urban Information Center (CIUR) as an example, in order to promote its potential. An interesting work, perhaps the first one to show about Google Earth information about Tegucigalpa.

Ciur geofumadas

In this case, as a service mounted as iframe, you have to right click to see the properties of the code and identify the IP where it is hosted. Then here look for the html; in case it is not a dynamic web as it is in this case -And at the time of this post-. If the data is not served via wms or are files not stored in a database, the routes of the kml / kmz layers can be seen.

Ciur geofumadas

This way of serving the data over time is changed to a less simple structure, to prevent the layers from being downloaded in the form of discrete files. Even the kml can contain the data structure, but these are being used asynchronously with any OGC format that Google Maps supports.

2. Deployment on Google Maps

The url is copied into the Google Maps search field, one by one, either kml or kmz will be shown on the map and the checklists on the left can be turned off or on. A layer is shown with each search, but they are stored in the memory of the display.

Ciur geofumadas

To show them they are activated or deactivated from the right panel. You can not change the order, but you can delete a layer and reload in the order that interests us.

Ciur geofumadas

And there they have it. In the example, the yellow lines are geological faults, the green outline a projection of a second peripheral ring and in green the growth projected to 20 years. This and more can be consulted in the CIUR, Which seems to us a valuable initiative that with dissemination, continuity and interaction by users linked to the secure subject will become an important source of consultation.

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  1. Google allows users to use Google Maps as a template for custom and very popular projects. But Google gained the sympathy of many Internet users allowing the modifications called Google Maps Hacks.

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