Other obliquities of Honduras's political crisis

2009 was that year in which the political crisis of Honduras exploded in the new modality of blows of state, with the characteristic of partial coup, with justifications inside a tangle of laws that protect it; despite breaking the purest principles of democracy. Geofumadas now surpasses the 100,000 monthly visitors, but the initial idea was born in Honduras, so it is difficult for me to dissociate the human feeling for this subject, although I must force a category within this place where political thinking fits. Just so that the faithful readers are aware that the problems of our countries are almost the same, I have spoken of this repeatedly; today I just want to rescue in brief thoughts what has happened, I have very few news since the last I wrote when the incident of Paraguay.

And since it is so subjective, I prefer to release it like this, without structure, only to the thread of what comes out of thought in this hour that I am missing to return from a walk with my children; now that the girl who lights my eyes dares to drive on open road.

... if there was any gain in this ...

The accelerated breakup of bipartisanship no doubt all acknowledge is a benefit of this crisis, a process that the neighboring countries like El Salvador cost 75,000 dead. Now Zelaya's movement known as Freedom and Refoundation (Free) brings together an interesting percentage of his original party, plus the sector that has always shared left-wing and / or reformist ideas.

We understand that the percentage of participation is uncertain, which will only be known as of the November 2013 primary elections (if they happen - for that reason end of the world of the mayas, Clear-). But internal elections, where candidates for primaries are defined, have shown that base-building is their forte, and the possibility of reaching a number of mayors and deputies is evident; what an emerging party could never achieve. This is important, because all movement, in almost any country started well, although not all survived in time. Safely -and evidence of other similar experiences- they will not reach the presidency this time, but they will be able to do it after the disciplined insistence.

We also understand that it is a year of challenges, to mature proposal, to learn from what is democratic socialism in the developed countries of Europe, and clean it from harmful customs of populism in South America. To understand that the opportunity is so exceptional as to make a World Cup goal, or lose it forever.


I love this photo, it's Nueva Frontera. One of the villages where - with knowledge of cause - we will see a mayoralty won by the left party, based on local leadership.

... the suffering and not greedy ...

These countries are neophytes in aspects of development and self-sustainability; the best we can do is recognize it with dignity. Democracy is so fragile that it is solved by practices that other countries see as cave dwellers, but that in much of this continent remain options to avoid major damage and almost always justify worse.

So, damage to the economy and individualities is inevitable. Many, who have options within reach, leave the country to avoid living in anxiety, and those who remain are locked in the crisis of insecurity that has become complex in the corridor that connects Colombia with the United States.

It is also difficult but real to accept that we are all convinced that our current politicians are not able to get us through. So moving the floor to bipartisanship is an important step, at least in incipient democracies.


When I took this picture, I never imagined that it would become so representative of the subliminal scenario of the politics of our countries.

…What happens with the rest…

There is a balance that does not agree with left-wing ideas and remains in the more conservative segment. And another group that understands that what we have now is not enough, but it needs evidence to be submerged in a new wave. The greatest weakness of this latter group is to ignore the political class and let it go to the abyss, by some indifference, fatigue and also by being occupied in things important to life that can be wasted by pods of the political circus.

In the meantime, the political class is now becoming urgent on the political agenda, we all understood it, but in these countries legislators are often reactionary. The protagonism for stealing the warrant is that it is a coliseum, more than one is pronounced as if he had discovered the inclined plane, although whole books have been written on this context. To know how these world trends are, we know that the following reform of Honduras is based on the power of the people; although to understand "what power" and "which people" occupy a special reading, with openness and tolerance rather than specialty.

In the end, politics is a science if studied, but an art if practiced.

Better conditions for citizen participation, an efficient state, cleansing of political clientelism, an ongoing process on long-term plans; are some of the challenges. For now we have entertained a swamp of democratic crisis, from which we will leave, although it costs us social convulsions that in the end are necessary. Seeing initiatives of people not involved in politics, who propose or launch independent candidacies, are good signs. The Latin American context is proving that it is possible to get ahead and for this it is necessary to break with indifference.

If your plans are to come to Honduras, come. Be cautious as in any Mesoamerican country, but do not miss the opportunity to know the cultural value of this region, the legacy of Mayan civilization concentrated in an epicenter called Copán, coral reefs that are a taste, gastronomy and nature inland . Create half of what the media say, and enjoy the adventure as if it were an extreme sport.

This is one of my last photos. Impressive view from the municipal palace of Gualcinse, in the background you can see the Salvadoran lands. In the foreground a mound of rock whose layering is perfect for flat finishes.

... what can we expect from 2013 ...

Recent meetings with Aureliano Buendía leave in doubt some of my positions. It's so easy to predict what ESRI applications might be thinking for iPad, or what news AutoCAD 2014 has to deserve an article. But in this, these are hardly my assumptions:

  • 2013 will be a year of a terrible democratic crisis. This will make the report of the Truth Commission become the consultation manual and the legal status the sheet of the patches.
  • There is a risk that there will be no elections and that some incident will postpone them under special conditions.
  • The population will not stand another coup, and will be the best defender beyond the marches in the streets.

For those of us with optimism, it will be a great year. But we must be careful.

For those who have nervous problems, it will be a year of prudent listening to the media. In the morning the ones on the right, the ones on the left. The idea of ​​not listening ... is only healthy for the ostrich.

For those who do not care, you should wake up and take a stand. It does not matter which one.

…the older brother…

When I had 7 years, I remember how difficult it was for me to dance the spinning top and pick it up in the palm of my hand. I tried one, another, another, and the recommendations of my older brother were useless. When his patience was exhausted he said to me:

"Teach, give me that top."

He danced 3 times by showing me that it was possible to do it in his natural ability. Then he would take it away for a couple of days and tell me that I would keep him under his tutelage, to prevent me from making a hole in my forehead.

It was an interesting way of telling me that I was taking it for granted.

"It is not far from any older brother taking the spin off of us as incapable."

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  1. Brother I fully share your words in relation to the political crises in our countries, I really think that many play to the chaos and the despair of the people. I hope that Honduras, like Venezuela, will sooner or later take the path of progress in a truly domocratic climate.

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