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Today I had a meeting with a foundation of great importance in the Central American region, and it has made me very happy to know that they have joined the commitment to promote gvSIG for municipal use.

I am referring to a Foundation focused on Municipal Development, an institution that has existed since 1993 and that has been developing projects in the Central American region. I learned about them a few years ago, when they worked with USAID funds, promoting the modernization of municipal processes, which included the financial area, cadastre and some territorial planning ... although they do much more than that.

This foundation developed in the nineties a tool known as Municipal Integrated Information System (SIIM) that included modules for use by the departments Budget, Treasury, Tax Control, Accounting and Cadastre as a priority although it also included others. In those years, a monolayer construction on Visual Fox and rudimentary links to ArcView 3x via raw shape files.

Now I have seen the version to which they have migrated, according to its executive director "A complete redesign"In what is called the SIGMA Advanced Municipal Information and Management System. The system presents a multilayer infrastructure, the user layer is completely web, developed on .NET C # and with a MySQL database that serves the data via asp from a server with Windows Server 2003. I have seen the functionality and I find it quite interesting, we'll talk about it later.

Sigma fundemun

To date, the system has at least 13 modules, oriented to the management of most of the municipal activity on finances and the cadastre of fiscal application. These are the modules:



  • Subject
  • Integrated Taxpayer Registration
  • Purpose
  • Cadastre
  • Concerns
  • Property
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Public services
  • Miscellaneous Collections
  • Transactions
  • Treasury
  • Human Resources
  • Projects
  • Accounting.
  • budget
  • Results
  • Executive
  • Accountability

Sigma fundemun SIGMA is a redesigned version of what was the previous SIIM, with greater conceptual clarity. This year we will coincide in seven municipalities where one of my attempts will be to connect Manifold to this platform, but I also believe that I will seek to implement the cartography of a municipality that is starting from scratch on gvSIG, aware that these people will be able to take advantage of the experience to continue it in others. territories.

So far the system is functional at tabular level, but when I ask them as they have walked with the geometric management I have left a good satisfaction:

They will work with gvSIG.

For now one of the boys of the foundation is taking a master's degree with the University of Girona, I hope to associate them with The other institution that I mentioned earlier in order to promote the dissemination of this tool for municipal use, and in the long run who knows if with them we promote free GIS days at the level of the Central American region. I'm not sure if they dare to join the III GIS Conferences Free that are next, I still have a meeting next with them.

To the extent that these institutions are involved in the use of free or low-cost applications, we will have better practices and greater sustainability of the projects. From what I know of this foundation, which by the way is non-profit, we will have to talk about in the next 10 years because its experience for more than 15 years in the simplification of processes and modernization of procedures is extensive; so we'll see if they walk on the subject.

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  1. Great job, congratulations. We are working with some municipalities in El Salvador interested in implementing GIS. Please get in touch.

  2. I am a student of environmental management in Venezuela and I am directing the use of this software in a project for my municipality, in that sense I would like to see more information about this excellent initiative to have it as a reference in my study would be very useful for me and Thanks in advance!!!!

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