Brief outlook and 20,000 things to do

Not to let pass these 47.5 seconds that takes the traffic light, and in the middle of 20,327 things to do ...

I have a conservative expectation of the news that AutoCAD 2014 will bring.

In April, it will certainly be its launch, and in a shallow way we could see irreversible trends:

  • More ways to force plugins to make BIM from Revit take advantage of the simple CAD
  • More functionalities for 3D handling, hopefully better rendering
  • Some Inventor features tailored to print layouts

Moreover, conservatives because of the sensitivity of the possible economic crisis in the United States and the uncertainty of the European crisis.

But if I am surprised, I would not expect less.

A year of challenges for the Open Source Geospatial sector.

The maturity of the tools is indisputable, but this year is vital for alliances that consolidate efforts.

We like the idea of ​​the OpenGeo Suite 3.0, and it would not be bad if the nodes that represent the different initiatives come closer, not only around the standards ...

There are important steps that have taken, but we all agree that there is something else to do.

Low Cost Commercial Software Alternatives

After so much silence from Manifold GIS, a regret that such a powerful tool ends. But after the 9 version never arrived ... I have my presentimienotos.

For now I am testing SuperGIS, I like it but until I play enough I will start talking.

Many personal challenges

With a child who reached the 14 years, part of the linear graph becomes exponential.

Finishing things that are started, two the same year ... is enough.

Blogsy is great from the iPad ... the Be Inspired could be in China ... I like Trimble's plans ... See if Google and Plex.Earth sign the agreed connectivity ...


The photo is San Sebastián, Lempira. Gray as they are dawning these days.

Contrasting with the good sense of humor that provokes Te Te Guarana, which seems to be the best substitute for Adrenaline and coffee.

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