Plex.Earth download images from Google Earth Is it illegal?

We have already seen some programs that downloaded images from Google Earth. Georeferenced or not, some no longer exist as StitchMaps y GoogleMaps Downloader.

The other day a friend asked me if what Plex.Earth does from AutoCAD violates Google policies or not.

What the Google terms say

(C) shipment, fleet management or similar applications. It is not allowed to use the Software in no way That allows the user or other people access to massive downloads or to massive feeds of numerical coordinates of latitude and longitude. The user must not use the Software for printing or Mass downloading of images, Data or other content.

Also in terms of Google Maps says:

«You may not extract Content for derivative uses that do not relate to the products, such as for further editing within another drafting, Desktop publishing, Or GIS application. "

The query has been done in different forums, both ESRI and Google Earth, but the best reference source in our case, PlexScape being an authorized developer by AutoDesk is what is said in the same site, just when the connector was at the laboratory. Although the blog is not the official opinion of AutoDesk, it leaves the users quiet who maintain the confusion of the above mentioned statements.

Soctt Shpeppard did back but said the legal part would explain, which cited that the company has an agreement with Google to implement development on the Google Earth API that includes what Civil3D and AutoCAD Map do when importing the digital model and the images.

Autodesk has a license from Google that allows Autodesk to implement the Google Earth API with Autodesk products; However, the specifics of our implementation along with the terms of Autodesk's licenses for use of third party technology are confidential, and we're not at liberty to share that information with customers.
End users who want to use Google Earth imagery outside of Autodesk products (including pulling it into their own applications) must of course get their own licenses from Google and comply with Google's terms for use.

It also clarifies that what end users want to do with the products generated from there, is already a responsibility of their own and require licenses directly with Google to meet those terms.

So, being Plex.Scape a development on the capabilities of AutoCAD, is covered under this agreement. Of course, the advantage of Plex.Earth is that Civil3D is not used for that, but only an AutoCAD that can even be LT. Also the image comes in colors and there is an option to choose the resolution for the download.

As I commented in my previous article, this will be one of the tools that will Users of the Hispanic media. Plex.Earth can be purchased directly from the site of PlexScape or with an AutoDesk dealer. In the case of Latin America, they are looking for local distributors.

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  1. Yes, it is legal. Well, it is done under the agreement that AutoDesk has with Google.

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