Testing and criticizing gvSIG 1.9

Recently it was announced the 1.9 version of gvSIG in alpha version, after being tested I decided to leave some impressions before forgetting them:


Es Possible to go down both a prerequisite version, which weighs 103 MB for Windows and 116 MB for Linux. This is a good alternative if you do not have an 1.3 installation, if you have a working installation you can download the version without prerequisites that walks through 80MB.

The 1.9 version of the code is also available.


I downloaded the version without prerequisites and it has happened to me that the installation hangs me with the message:

Java.io.FileNotFoundException: C: Documents and settings ...

Apparently this happens because some properties have to be assigned to Java, these could be from rights to the signing of the death certificate, so as not to complicate myself better I uninstalled the imageexisting versions. Then when I run the installation again I ask you to check if you need requirements and that installs the appropriate Java version ... then everything has gone smoothly.

When I installed it, I did not create the icon on the desktop, nor the start menu (although I think you asked me if I want, and I said yes), so I had to create the shortcut where it is installed.

C: Program FilesgvSIG_1.9_alphabingvsig.exe

For this, "copy" is made to the file, then "paste shortcut"


Opening an existing project has sent me a blasphemous message, apparently by the type of projection ... but I do not think it is a permanent error.

Coordinate operation error: + proj = tmerc + lat_0 = 0.0 + lon_0 = -3.0 + k = 0.9996 + x_0 = 500000.0 + y_0 = 0.0 + ellps = intl + units = m to + proj = tmerc + lat_0 = 0.0 + lon_0 = - 87.0 + k = 0.9996 + x_0 = 500000.0 + y_0 = 0.0 + ellps = WGS84 + datum = WGS84 + units = m:

I also think that now consumes more resource, feel a bit slow process, about it have announced that there will be improvements in architecture ... and they should have considered.

imageWe can assume that this version will give a lot of itself, since more functionalities are being integrated little by little and is taking maturity.

It is understood that this is a trial version, and that soon we will have the stable version gvSIG 2, by then the doubts that are arriving to the mailing lists will be solved ... in passing, some simple banality like this badly placed character over there.

image Among the best features, of which I mentioned something before, is the inclusion of sextant in a single click. Here there is a lot, from raster to vector data conversion to hydrological analysis.

But in addition to this is also:

-Inclusion of TIN to create triangulation meshes ... I suppose you can work contour lines (... 3D analysis)

Tools for network analysis (... nertwork analysis)

Tools to convert raster to vector (... arc scan)

Inclusion of topology

... among many others, of which we will already have time to speak

Appearance ... a lot to do

It is a good advance what they have done, but in particular I think that an iconography course would be good for graphic designers because we must remember that they are "icons" and as such should induce something, maintaining graphic cleanliness and corporate identity.

To make icons requires criteria beyond making highly complex drawings in Corel Draw and then using Gimp to convert them into 64 × 64 figures. The use of shadows, brightness and gradients should be questioned on buttons that should only take a click, simplify more and invest time in icons for "on mouse over" could be a good bet.


I insist, it is not that the designer looks great with great works of art turned into figurines, we must recognize that little by little we have been having better graphic capabilities since the archaics created with 8x zoom paint brush but we must not abuse and pervert the original concept of "icon"

Here are some examples


It's a plane, not a bird, no; is… The command line

... as I could not imagine ... if it seems ... seems ... what does it look like?


A printer, a tank of war ... failed, Is the history

What happened ... do not see that it looks like the microfilm symbol stored inside a cryptographer.


In general the icons appear to be very dark, with very strong linear edges and lack uniformity, see the spline with respect to the other objects of creation. Nor has it been thought how they will look as a screen with higher resolution and therefore smaller size is used.

imageThere are times when it is preferable to resemble accepted conventions, such as the "undo" and "redo" than do these navigation arrows ... * xtrax, and with an orange border ...

Like computer development, in which the functionalities are added to a general design, the iconography must take into account an identity ... otherwise, it will look like a Christmas tree hanging figures without basic criteria such as harmony, symmetry Or movement.

But well, welcome is all the good that this version promises.

7 Replies to "Testing and criticizing gvSIG 1.9"

  1. I do not know, I do not have ubuntu, but I suppose it refers to what we do in windows when creating a custom theme for windows.

  2. Hello Friends

    Gostaria to know how to connect duas linhas no gvsig (no AutoCAD exists precision command).

  3. I had the same problem as Luis and after turning off all the graphics effects it works.

  4. I installed the 1.1.2 version (from the 1.1 onwards) and also the 1.9 in Ubuntu 9.1 Karmic and they simply pass these things:

    1 The launcher does not work on the desktop or does not create it.
    2. The windows do not scale so even the Project Manager window does not expand.
    3. There are windows that only show the widget and none of the content.

    What will it be and how will it be solved?

    PS I am using COMPIZ on the graphical interface.

    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and taking an ironic day ... not always pleasant.
    We will keep an eye on system improvements and as soon as possible we will promote it because it will certainly become an invaluable tool as its use becomes widespread.

    a greeting.

    : p sorry for the sarcasm.

  6. We take note of all your comments and hope to improve on these aspects. Of course, it is one of the aspects that the project has taken care of less, so a work group has now been set up within the project to study the usability and style of the application.

    Some things you commented on have their reason for being, for example the command line icon is quite standard, in fact is the one that uses gnome / ubuntu to launch the terminal. Other things, such as non-uniformity of icons, is to mix new with old ones - something that we must correct for the future -, etc.

    Thank you for trying the new alpha and commenting on your impressions!

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