Problem with 403 Forbidden error

More than once something like this has happened to us, and upon entering our own site the following message appears:


You do not have permission to access /index.php on this server.

Additionally, the 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use year ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache mod_fcgid / 2.3.5 mod_auth_passthrough / 2.1 mod_bwlimited / 1.4 FrontPage / Server at Port 80

There are variants of the same error, for several reasons, but in case you have a site hosted in WordPress and have been working inside the administrator panel, for this to have happened, we must have performed a strange action that forced Apache to blockade as prevention Automatic (Looped forwarding). In my case it has happened to me several times, such as:


  • Having too loaded the home page, usually with many scripts or the famous tinthumb wanting to force the output of many images.
  • Run a script that is too heavy, such as a fix-redirect with too many selected records. Now that WordPress allows you to choose the number of records displayed, it facilitates several things but it is dangerous if we make massive changes from that deployment.

It is necessary to verify if it is only a blocking problem to our team, because sometimes the browser gets complicated with cookies. Clearing the cookie cache is an exit, but the best indicator is Woopra, because there we can see if other users are accessing from other countries and it is just a problem of ours. Then you have to identify which file is being blocked. In the case shown is the index.php.

Then we must go to cpanel and try our access allows us to rename it. I could see that this index had been created, with the blocking message and the true index had been named as index.php.wpau.bak.

Depending on which file it was and why it was blocked, it can be done from Cpanel:

  • Change name and replace with previous.
  • Change permissions to 644
  • Delete it
  • To lower
  • Modify it by ftp with Dreamweaver.

It may return the message, depending on the action "rename operation failed because it is not permited in ..."

That will give us an idea if the entire public_html folder is blocked. That means, that our user is blocked for this.

There is no other option than to call the administrator of the domain, and ask him to do so; But you have to be honest and tell him what we did and what we think caused the problem. A good sign is that the access to wp-admin is enabled, because it means that they expect to solve an internal problem or that the ip of your computer is enabled to enter the administration panel.

The secure hosting administrator will already have received a ticket from the hostgator administrators, announcing the problem in the form:

I apologize but we have been forced to suspend the "/home/geofumadas/public_html/index.php" and "/home/geofumadas/public_html/xmlrpc.php" scripts as they were causing a high load on the server and, due to The nature of the problem, we were forced to take immediate action for the health of the server ...

Then they suggest the last actions that could cause the problem and possible ways of making the service more efficient.

If we are sure of the problem, and we do not believe we have another type of gap, he should ask to be released. They will make a test and they will return the access.

For the next we must be more careful with the use of heavy scripts.

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