Problems with text editor: Microstation V8 in Vista and Windows 7

The legacy versions of Microstation V8 have been around for a while now, ranging from 2001 (V8.1) to 2004 (V8.5). However, as tools that were well-suited by users who paid -understand- have a license or have developed their own functionalities Visual Basic Application (VBA) or Microstation Development Language (mdl), they resist to die in the taste of the users.

In general, when you switch to Windows Vista or Win7, Microstation runs normally. Very few serious problems I have seen, although it is clear that we are talking only about Microstation; Geographics has another type of sixteenth.

One of those problems is the text editor (It usually happens when we update Internet Explorer to a newer version). When you double-click on a text or activate the command, the window appears but does not allow editing. The main reason for this, is that the libraries that these versions used WYSIWYG components of the DHTML application editor (DHTML Editing Component for Applications) that now Vista and Windows 7 removed because they caused vulnerability to Internet Explorer.

microstation windows vista

Some even mentioned that Microstation V8 would no longer work on Vista, only more recent versions such as V8.9 (XM) or 8.11 (V8i). But in reality you just have to install the Microsoft application called DHTML Editing Component. This works as a kind of ActiveX, which is not for browser purposes but for client applications, and allows developments that used this control to be compatible with new versions such as Access 2003.

You leave this address:

Then it is installed and ready, Microstation V8 can live a few more days.

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  1. Thank you very much for the contribution ... now I can edit texts again ... thanks !!!

  2. I am a few days later the following message appears
    is computer has hyper-threading enabled. MicroStation performance may be better if hyper-threading is disabled. Use the computer's BIOS configuration facility to enable or disable hyper-threading.

  3. Thank you, friend, for your contributions, any detail we are at your service for all

  4. A lot of thanks for solving a text editor problem that took me three days of testing, until I decided to ask on the internet.

  5. I want to ask about how to georeference the UTM cartographic sheets to mount the gps points on them and get the plans ready

  6. Friend Editor, I have problems with the main menu of Microstation I saw that for this problem you have to download an address that I already made and install it on my machine but I call microstation and I click the text editor and installed on the system I do not activate anything . Tell me if I skipped a step because no tablet from the Main Menu was activated. Health to the family.

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