What will be in the III Conference of Free GIS

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The III Jornadas de GIS Libre will take place in Girona on the 11, 12 and 13 days of March of 2009, shortly after the fair Of Computer Science 2009 of Havana.

On Friday 13 will be the simultaneous workshops, three in the morning and three in the afternoon configured as follows:

Morning Late
Workshop based on Quantum GIS by Carlos Dávila, responsible for the translation of GRASS and QGis Workshop based on GeoNetwork, This will be in English, by Jeroren Ticheler
Workshop based on Kosmo Workshop based on Openlayers, By Lorenzo Becchi, developer of the Ka-map software
Workshop based on MapGuide OS programming on gvSIG

The first two days (11 and 12) are dedicated to presentations, debates and communications, over time we will have more information about the presentations.

The quota is limited to approximately 200 people, among the key dates are:

Deadline abstract: 10 November 2008

Deadline communications: 6 February 2009

Early Enrollment: Up to 15 December 2008

Normal registration: From December 16 to 17 February 2009.

There is a great possibility that we can see each other there, if everything walks as I am imagining. So it will be a good day to see several Spaniards from the geomatic world.

On this page you can register, and here you can find out more.

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