Read One Hundred Years of Solitude in 12 hours

hundredsoledad Imagine that you have a long trip of 12 hours, and that you want to read the García Márquez Nobel literature prize at this time.

The best way is to buy the book and read it to the old romance, $ 26 dollars in a Duty Free, because a book never left in a library and read willingly is in good taste. You could also buy it on Amazon for $ 13 plus shipping, these types of works are not available for Kindle, but if it were I would go for $ 10.

Another alternative way is to listen to it in a straightforward way, for it some basic tools are occupied and fourteen minutes at least. It is a very good way to take advantage of those trips or hours while you wait for someone you love but who does not rush.

1 Download it from the Internet

I must clarify, that there are many classic books whose copyright expired or were never registered, and these can be downloaded from the Internet without incurring in illegality. In this case I will set the example of One Hundred Years of Solitude, because it is just the one that I have been reading again these days (but the old way) to understand the next step of Mel Zelaya, now the capitulation of Neerlandia is about to begin (this is when he tells them: take them where the p ... I know what they want).

For educational purposes, this is a site where there are links to books available in txt, doc and pdf formats:

2 Convert it to txt

This only requires that you open the file with Adobe Reader 9, and tell it to save as txt. The 1.9 MB file is passed to 808 kb.

3 Convert text to audio (txt to wav)

One hundred years of loneliness For this we use SodelsCot Standard, with the option to convert text to audio, we choose the text file, format, I prefer wav because mp3 has bad quality although the weight is lower, then as frequency 12 kHz and I keep it activated the option to ignore the xml tags.

By pressing the "convert" button, the process starts and in just 11 minutes the file is converted. 494 pages in 8 format "x4" in an 997 MB file with a duration of 12 hours and 57 reading minutes with a clear respect for the score.

One hundred years of loneliness

Then it is a matter of putting it in the memory of the Aigo and enjoy the trip.

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