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To travel to Nicaragua by land ... is tired, with the company of only GaiaGPS and sufficient time to consolidate the white list of Geofumadas of which only the faithful readers will be able to know in the next 2 weeks. Interesting to hear about projects that do cadastre using Google Earth as an input, satisfactory to share with very high level panelists, also good to know that they recognize gvSIG as a practical tool, recoveries of up to 300% in real estate tax and smokes of Local Economic Development materialized with pre-investment projects.

But when night falls, the homesickness of the kids reminds us that we have life and to immortalize a moment that will never be the same, here I leave a few pixels of the last week when we built with my daughter the scientific project about the generation wind energy, a theme that It captivates me.

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Here on a cardboard we place a durapax and crumpled paper with rubber, to make the terrain, or not to take me by chance, the geomorphology of the subsoil.

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Then we crumpled a cardboard for the surface, I told my readers in Managua and it cost me to understand, after absurd explanations told me Ahh, the MDT!

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Already mounted up it seemed made with gvSIG and Sextant.

recent pixels

9 Volts battery for the mills to move after attempts we saw that the air generated by fans or the hair dryer was not enough, that did not take away the impact because in return this movement of the mills, a dynamometer brings you energy to light bulbs.

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With the inner tubes of the foil we made the bases, then on the fans we put wooden pallets and on these some plastic plates taken from the shutters of the Uncle Oto that incidentally kept dust since the grandfather was alive.

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The rest was resolved with acrylic paint and some coffee to reassure the afternoon that was leaving.

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And endure with patience with the silicone that seems to stick but cheats and make sure they are in perfect 60 degrees so that the effort to keep them spinning out is minimal.

recent pixels

Once finished, the small lake, a river that fell to the waterfall at the end and the flat part of a crop, could be noticed. Almost like with Geopack.

With the switch on the fans were activated, and after a while of turning could be seen the lights of the houses turn on the light caused by a dynamometer.


  • Carton, wire, mills foundations, painting .... leftovers from over there
  • Two fans, US $ 15
  • One switch, US $ 3
  • Two 9 volt batteries, US $ 5
  • Bulbs, U $ 1.50
  • Result: First place in Fourth Degree, candidate for the trade show.

recent pixels

Time: Two hours on Saturday and one on Sunday of the valuable space of the author of Geofumadas.

But there are things ... that are priceless.

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  1. When people like you who have contributed so much to clarify the non-specialists in their field of specialty are approaching the public, causes me great admiration. It's a shame I did not know he was in my Nicaragua. This news should be published in more extensive fields than those of Geodesy and Cartography. There is an informative page for this where they are specialists in environmental issues that we constantly use GIS and we need your guide., in case he returns to my Nicaraguita.
    Thank you for publishing your daughter's project and congratulations. It is good to know that you are a scientist with time to deal with science and family. A great example.

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