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It often happens to us, that we forget where a file was stored. Sometimes we move it from place, we open it in the browser's download folder or simply the obsolete Windows search engine is a calamity.

Well if that file is among the last 50 we have opened, the fastest way is to see it from the same program (Word or Excel) in the recent files deployment.

By default it only comes a few, but can be configured so that instead of 6 are shown more.

To configure this, choose the options that appear when you press the ball in the corner.

Word excel view recent files

In both Word and Excel or another Office program, this appears in the Advanced option, and in the Show section.

Word excel view recent files

It is possible to choose up to a maximum of 50, although you can see the amount that is visible in the monitor size that we use. There is no Scroll.

If the file had been moved, at least we have the alternative of seeing what the full name was like to make an easier search. If we change its name, at least you can know what folder it is in.

If it was lost ... you have to blame a virus.

Perhaps this last advice is the most salvageable of this kind of post, which I write because more than once I have forgotten and for that reason I decided to open this tag de Office for mortals.

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  1. Thank you, I had lost a file in Excel, to tell the truth the same was but it was another and what was there was no more, increase the reading of the history and the same appeared with the name I had and now I had two with the same Name !!! Thank you

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