Model for measuring the quality of Free Software

This document Was published not long ago by the Department of Processes and Systems of the Simon Bolivar University and the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela CONATEL, I learned of this through the network of that country called free geomatics and really is an interesting inspiration as for Move the cheese To anybody.

Quality model free software

The purpose of this document is to present a set of quality characteristics to evaluate the Free Software applied to GIS under the ISO / IEC 9126 standard and the Dromey quality model, adapted under a scheme coined as MOSCA.

The measurement system reviews aspects such as functionality, portability and maintainability within four levels of analysis:

1. Dimension (internal, contextual aspects of the process, internal and contextual aspects of the product and internal and contextual aspects of the human perspective)

2 Categories (These are 14 associated with the three dimensions mentioned above)

3. characteristics

4. Metrics

The subject becomes interesting, as well as the experience itself because outside of the folklore that exists in Venezuela towards the political commitment to socialism, there is also an interesting movement in the open source theme (as the dynamics with gvSIG can be seen in the lists of distribution), and a regulation so that from 2004 the governmental instances migrate of gradual form towards the free software. This trend can already be seen in several countries of South America that in money mean a considerable investment so far dedicated to proprietary software or the violation of copyright.

Quality model free software

I recommend that you take a look at the document, because it can be implemented by other countries or institutions. Apart from the introduction and conclusions, a context in the form of background is included, the methodology followed, the proposal of the quality model and the case study with its results are documented. Although the case of using this document was made with the Grass, Qgis and Thuban tools, the process can be adapted to other alternatives whose sin is Not be popular.

View Document general.

See document applied to GIS.

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  1. Where can I find a page that speaks only of the dromey quality model ??????

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