ArcGumentos nothing spatial

But the first time I saw you I got the impression that Plot Your styles were out of my level, maybe because that first version they showed me was very neatly adjusted to your tastes; I even thought it was Geopdf since those days. Sadness_imagem Then I got confused with the basics rgb your labels, that's why I had the courage to explore the map view and discover that you did not seem so complicated.

Difficult to understand while you preferred to cut your veins with the archaic Advent, You pretended to be migrating to Avenue And half the time you invest it in Shape files Which I enjoyed every weekend ... regardless of which in every extension That we used would have a file with the same tedious name and three letters after the point ... until we landed in the fragility of the Prg.

No, it's that things are not always complicated, but I'm honest, some of your criteria Topological Now they are out of any mortal, before solved in other ways ... but not ... only in the Geodatabase And that cliché that everything is enterprise It crushes me. Yes, I love your new ones Feature classes, you s domains, You look very beautiful especially when you see me singing in that smile that scratches the nostalgia ... that of the first week, when we evaded the additional file Mrsid. Then Ecw Vilmente stole the idea but I miss that simplicity of the highest levels of your Mdt, with Rendered By default but without extreme smoothing.

No, it's always strange to see you, what happens is that now you put a price on everything WMS It gets complicated, I would expect nothing less from you. Feature services And above 1.03. No, the standards OGC I do not care, even if I had to leave via ArcIms, Break my coconut with ArcObjects And tunnel in ArcSDE; As long as you guarantee that you will do it directly from the base of Oracle 10g.

We here, we have solved many things with the API de javascript, most, when someone has asked for it. If by my outside, he flirted with the Open SourceMaybe kind BSD Although it was not necessary; But I tell you, if it were you and the model included rebuilding the original scenario at the level of also information, I would be willing to migrate a good part of my days to Dbf Simple, it does not matter records And spend a good time on the table characters. Well, only in extremes, not to accent baby, it sounds richer bb but by the question marks, that was what made the indexed The last time.

I? I prefer C # .NET y Flex, Python So that they do not forget me, JDK so that the other half does not know. Nothing heavy on the desk, everything from the server Implementation due to the brand And I am satisfied, although we also work with the competition, a fortune, but here between us, in my Acer I carry Qgis portable To remember that one day the world had 16 bits.

No, I do not expect what can not be. Be fine.

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