Sync Microstation with Google Earth

Google Earth has become an almost inevitable tool in our current cartographic processes. Although it has its limitations and the fruit of its ease, every day they comment Many perversions, To this tool we must that geolocation and navigation on maps is more popular today ... therefore we have more demand for professional services.

For this purpose, from the 8.9 version of Microstation, Bentley has integrated a functionality that includes basic tools to synchronize the map view with the Google Earth deployment.

Let's see how it works:

1 Projection and reference system must be assigned to the file.

Microstartion allows to create and edit natively files in DWG, DGN and DXF formats; however, they do not have a georeference when called by a GIS system. At least not in a standard that has been recognized for CAD files, despite the fact that internal programs have Georeference.

To assign the georeference of a CAD file in Google Earth, it is done:

Tools / Geospatial / Geospatial.

Inside this bar there is a specific icon «Select geographic coordinate system«. From here we select, in this case, a projected system: World UTM, a datum: WGS84 and then the area that in our case is 16 northern hemisphere.

Connect microstation with google earth

To not be calling this configuration every time it is needed, I can right click and add it to the favorites. This is shown above, in the favorites folder.

With this, the DGN already has projection and coordinate system.

Send the file to Google Earth.

This is done with the button «Export Google Earth (KML) File. This is quite efficient, simply the system asks for name and where to save, and automatically raises Google Earth with the object; in case you have visualized the place, it unfolds without losing sight. If it is saved as kml, it will create a single file of all the vectors, if it is saved as kmz it will create folders for each level; in both cases it will keep the symbology, it will even export the 3D objects.

If you make changes, we only choose to export again, and Google Earth queries if you want to replace the file being viewed.

Connect bentley microstation with google earth

Sync your view with Google Earth

Now comes the best. You can from Microstation, ask Google to synchronize the display with the view we have in Microstation. Excellent.

Additionally, we can inverse, that the view of Microstation is synchronized with what has unfolded Google Earth.

Connect google earth with cad

Not bad, considering that in many cases there is no image of the area where you are working, or you want to take advantage of information from Google Earth relating to photography from previous years.

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