PlexEarth, What brings 2.5 version for images of Google Earth

I have been filtered the features that brings the new version of PlexEarth, which is expected to be announced in late October 2011.

The main reason why this tool has had a significant acceptance is that it solves what the most popular CAD program (AutoCAD) with the most consulted virtual globe (Google Earth) can not do, and it does it in the cleanest way that we have seen for CAD platforms. The best I've seen for Connect AutoCAD with Google Earth.

It is to have the full potential of the content in Google Earth and the precise construction tools of AutoCAD.

I met the First version of PlexEarth In November of 2009, Then the 2.0 version In May of 2010, after this we had seen few changes, hardly support to run on AutoCAD 2012 but in a couple of months we will be seeing the 2.5 version.

I commented one of its creators, with whom I intend to have a formal interview in Amsterdam during the month of November, the improvements included in this version have been thought based on the "most requested" by the current users.

PlexEarth connect google earth with autocad

Greater capacity in the treatment of images.

We had seen PlexEarth do things that you can only do civil 3D or CivilCAD, but in this case it comes with capabilities that can only be done Raster Design and this with any type of images, not just imported from Google Earth.

  • Merge Images (go). Now, you could take a mosaic of images and merge them into one with a new name and keep the georeference.
  • Cropping images (crop). Make a cut of an image segment based on a polygon, conserving the georeference, and in addition to the previous tool, you could build images based on particular geometries, not necessarily rectangles. Ideal to remove areas where Google Earth does not have good coverage.
  • Replace images (replace). In case we have downloaded an image of Google Earth, and then have a new coverage, we can request an update of the same area without having to define it again. I also see a lot of potential for this functionality, in case we want to lower the image with higher resolution with Google Earth Pro, Which although it is the same coverage, the resolution in pixels is much better at the time of importing it into AutoCAD.
  • It is also now possible to import and export images while maintaining the georeference header.

Connect google earth with autocad 2012

Improvements in the handling of digital models.

  • As I explained in my article of the 2.0 version, PlexEarth can import digital model of Google Earth, generate surfaces, contours, volume calculation, and other things that Civil 3D does. However, something uncomfortable happened, and that is that Google Earth Bane el ID session when a massive download is being made. This has been corrected in a spectacular way, the tool knows the maximum number of points that Google Earth allows to download, and just before they are going to be completed, it closes and reopens Google Earth, so the new ID session Goes in clean allowing downloads of millions of points without problem.

Changes in the form of licensing

Now in PlexEarth, instead of annual versions Standard, Pro and Premium, three types of license are proposed:

  • Monthly license, quite cheap. With this it could solve the need for a specific project, without having to pay a license for a long time, being able to exploit all the potential that AutoCAD does not offer.
  • An annual license. It is aimed at users who frequently work on the subject, including topography, engineering, geospatial and cadastre.
  • A perpetual license. It is for those who believe that the tool will be necessary in permanent work.

In Spain you can acquire the license with CADMax

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, CADStudio

And in the United States in CommTech

For Latin America, here you can Download PlexEarth

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