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Autocad 2009

Not long ago we talked about the AutoCAD 2008 enhancements and AutoDesk has already released some of the improvements that the 2009 version known as AutoCAD Raptor will have ... although after knowing its history In 25 years We know that this is not a year of change beyond makeup.

1 Regarding Operation with other systems

With Windows Vista

windows vista AutoCAD 2009 ensures to be certified to work with Windows Vista (that is, the box has the logo compatible with ...)

And who has certified to Windows Vista to work regularly well? ... and incidentally we began to despair as to how much resources you expect the team to have, if the click Windows Vista without dual core is destroyed. It only works in Windows XP Home Edition and onwards.

With Microstation

Autocad 2009 It can not read a DGN file, just import it, there is not much improvement with respect to AutoCAD 2008, only that the handling of layer properties is more friendly if they are files that come from a DGN ... ah, and it can be V7 or V8. We will see if one day does what its competition (Microstation), which adopted its dwg format as a native.

2 Changes in the interface.

The interface now closely resembles Office 2007, a strategy questionable by some but that in the criteria of usability comes well to try to maintain a similarity with the environments of popular use ... as long as it is not carried away by exaggerated changes in the interface of user.

Although it's just a make-up, there are some good things about it:

Ribbon-shaped toolbars

This is one of the best changes, in that the organization of commands passes from the obsolete bars to a joint panel that stores the icons and that can be easily customized. Of course it will cost us at the beginning for which we already had a way of grouping the Most used commands.

Autocad 2009 Now they are in a horizontal panel, always grouped in commands of creation (draw), editing (modify), dimensioning (dimmensions) ... although now also come the layers (layers) and those other panels that were called only when they were required but that influenced in the loss of time like someone who draws drawers from the drawing table every time the eraser occupies it. Also now, as in Office, they are prioritized in order of use semiautomatically.

The value of this is recognized by the users of Microstation, who love that logic of not having to be opening pop-up panels for layer control or selection of these in the cloud ... to give an example.

Autocad 2009

Autocad 2009 Other changes to the interface include a «Browser menu«, Which displays a side window with the ability to explore files, commands, and other resources… we'll see if it becomes so useful.

Autocad 2009 Quick access toolbar, With this what they did is look for where to place the general commands (new, save, print, copy, paste ...)

Infocenter, mmm, mmm, only the help, with an integrated search engine and the possibility of placing markers although in practice few users of Autocad use the help because it has never been so friendly.Autocad 2009

Statusbar, this is the tags of ortho, grid, osnap, lwt that are now placed in a lower bar to hinder less ... it is interesting that there are some important accesses to parameters in use of styles, units and things that were previously only activated by means of from the command line.

3. Changes in command operation

AutoCAD 2009 seeks to solve the problem of the draftsman in his table, where to place so many tools and in a certain way has achieved some valuable aspects, among them:

Properties bar goes to Quick properties

Autocad 2009 It was always very useful but annoying in the space it covered, now when you move the cursor over the objects or apply a command it is activated. Hopefully and not be a distractor that makes us lose working memory, input looks good; We will see if you can win the battle to the contextual menus of your competition.

Other things become «Quick»

Autocad 2009

That of switching between the workspace and the views (views and layouts) now comes with other ways of invoking them in the good night prayer style (the lower labels or the top menu). The same is to get used to it because they have put it on the keyboard with ctrl + tab, on the right mouse button or on some icons in the status bar.

Autocad 2009

Even "named views" can have deployment properties (only three) and PowerPoint style transitions (show / shot view motion).

Search to save repetitive processes

This has cost AutoCAD a lot, since the commands are very linear and little has evolved things like: offset command, enter, offset distance, enter, offset direction, end of the command ... if you want to do the 5 steps again . This bad usability caused us to become experts with the keyboard shortcuts, the right hand with the mouse and the left to chop letters or the inevitable «esc» key.

Autocad 2009 In this case, AutoCAD 2009 looks for something called «Action recorder», similar to saving macros, it is possible that to make us forget the keyboard and text commands ... I honestly think it will cost a lot because we get used to it and even liked it. I would bet on AutoCAD looking for the idea of ​​"the command always active" and context menu, only then we could forget the keyboard.

Autocad 2009 However I recognize that these changes will be good for the new generations, and for them a functionality called «Tooltip» that if you place the mouse on a line it says «You have put your pointer on an object called line, the help can explain how to make a line, also on the Internet you can find how to make a line, and do not forget to look in our blog 25,456 ways to make a line"… Useful? maybe but I don't think it will last long unless they give it better functionality.

4. Improved commands ... few

Mtext. Now you can do spell checking while writing, we understand that Spanish is included.

Search and Replace. Now a search generates a list that can perform direct approaches and replace ... not just texts.

Autocad 2009 Lighting and 3D. Although they add a slight advantage to VSLIGHTINGQUALITY, little is gained with that, because for 3D modeling many people use other applications of AutoDesk ... however there are some They work wonders. They implement the ViewCube, Which is a controlled management of objects in three dimensions, seems to help to do some basic tasks or at least facilitates selection and SteeringWheels Allows you to fly over an 3D space or create scrolling sequences.

Georeferencing. Of the best that this version brings, although we do not get very excited; it is not projection management, this is done by AutoCAD Map3D, but at least AutoCAD 2009 has added the option to handle latitude / longitude coordinates and the possibility of creating meshes of that geographical location. Although you could not create a grid in both UTM As well as geographic coordinates.

image More, there is no more for now, that is what Heidi commented, A lady who looks like an excellent housewife but who imparts magnificent conferences at annual events ... with more machine-readable English than the Spanish understanding ... and with a figure that leaves us pensive as it would have been when she took her first classes of AutoCAD in 1986 .

We expected improvements in integration With Google Earth, It is expected that in the rest of the year we will continue to count more, usually for the month of April AutoDesk launches its products. Currently AutoCAD 2009 Raptor is a beta version, and can be downloaded if you are registered as a beta tester.

image You can see a video of some improvements in the blog of Donnie Gladfelter

image You can also see the opinions of users in Todo Arquitectura regarding how it will be AutoCAD 2009

52 Replies to "What brings good AutoCAD 2009"

  1. To me also it asks me for activation code again after having inserted it once satisfactorily ...

  2. Someone to help me I have installed autocad 2009 and now I ask again activation code again use the keygen and I generated a new code I introduced it but it works out successfully but when I open autocad again I ask for activation someone can give me a help with this problem ... Thank you

  3. Autocad 2009 is good for people who know how to use it and is capaitados for the usu of this

  4. It seems like a crap ...
    Much easier and easier to use is the autocad 2004 or the 2006, they consume much less resources and are faster and more agile; The user interface is simpler and more direct. The only thing 2009 does is to mix all the tools, change everything, complicate the interface and be a headache for those of us who are professionals of the 2006 version, since to achieve the same results we have to spend hours researching « where »they wanted to put the same tool and« what new name »they came up with.
    Autocad 2006 much more direct and agile.

  5. As far as I know, you can not, if they get an audit of legality, they would ask for the certificate of authenticity that comes in the box, where is the serial number of the product.

    I understand that in help / about the serial should appear, if you find it and you call your local AutoDesk distributor this could find you information if it is legitimate and in whose name it is acquired.

  6. hear colleagues I would like to know how I can aser to know if the autocad q is installed on a computer is already told q q pite was original and not counting the disk or the user manual by any side and the only thing that was a disk of pirate autocad on a porfa desk if anyone knows and could tell me ... send me a meil to my mail
    Thank you

  7. I tell you that even if someone had it, the installer may weigh more than 900 MB, there is no mail that accepts a file of that size as an attachment or someone who dares to do so.

  8. I have a small problem ... I have not been able to download any autocad of any version and I need it urgently ... if anyone has it please pass it to me my email is Thank you

  9. If what you want is that your menus are in English, that is not possible, you must install an English version. Some free software like gvSIG allow that, but AutoCAD does not.

    If you want to use your commands in English, you only need to add a low script, for example:

    In Spanish you should write command line
    and if you write line it does not accept it because it is a Spanish version
    so you write _line

  10. Hello, my concern is the following I have the autocad 2009 in Spanish installed. I wonder if there will be any command that can translate it into English just that thanks ...

  11. I can not download autocad2009.-
    Someone can guide me
    Thank you

  12. If someone can generate this code I will thank them, it has to be in an operating system of 64 bits. Thank you
    If it is in one of 32 does not serve the puller.

  13. Hi, I have the 2009 autocad installed in an 64 bit operating system, it is slow, and that I have 4gb, a phenon quad core, and a 9800 gtx + geforce board, the pointer locks everything when it goes through lines and / or dimensions , go for anything, it's a downer to work like this. I had to install it because I can't find the 2008 64 bitgen keygen that I have on my operating system. If anyone has it please send me to my email from now I will thank you.

  14. I do not like at all the menera as it is modeled in 3d in 2009 this thing that tries to imitate sketchup and I already made a mess for the easy modeling once I throw a cube this program tries to work on faces before it was better and less confusing and never they will be able to look like sktchup this is ua mierdaaaaaaaaa.

  15. hello!!
    My question is how do you import the interface from an earlier version?
    Can somebody help me…

  16. Because they do not get to cook, they would get better and they would be happier.

  17. I use Autocad from the 12 version to raise volumes 3D, the experience tells me that the odd versions are a KAKA, this I corroborated with the 2009 version that the only improvement that brings are the office menus that I do not want at all since I have the autocad customized with the keyboard and I do not have an icon or toolbar on the screen (like any professional who boasts). I'm going to uninstall the 2009 and wait for the 10 version. By the way I have a machine with 8 xeon and 32 Gb ram, to do infographics.

  18. wa a program that I use from 14 to 2008 with excellent results thanks

  19. Yes, although many say good and first that is bad and then ask how to get the TABS, I think they are, in that instance talking about more, I have been using autocad for a long time, from the R13, until now the 2009, I have 3.0 Gb Xeon computer, 3 Gb RAM and the mythical Win XP ... today try to load a topographic profile of 12 sheets and I hung on the 8 sheet every time, the windows load them in cache and I really find it a disgust of program, it takes a lot, unlike the 2006 that I also have installed and fly, I have not found the way to load the pages from RAM, but it is really bad, it consumes a lot of resources that we do not use ... personal opinion is that if they have the possibility to install it, better not do it and work with the previous versions that work much better ...

  20. greetings you can not make negative comments about AutoCAD 2009 if you have not handled every day the programs are better

  21. I think that alternatives to companies that can not buy AutoCAD for the price and do not want to pirate are those of the line IntelliCAD, they work the same as AutoCAD but they are worth around $ 300.
    If a company or professional pays $ 700 for a computer, you should be able to purchase one of these licenses without resorting to piracy.

  22. What you say is true, they are 30 test days and then you have to buy it, the problem is that these programs are very expensive. So far 250 MB RAM supports Windowa Vista, but I'm really thinking of increasing this capability to at least 350 MB. Thanks for the information!.

  23. The programs that have 30 days limit is because they must be purchased from that date. They are not free.

    Just out of curiosity, 250 MB of RAM and it supports Windows Vista?

  24. Hello!. I recently purchased a Toshiba laptop from 4 Gb and 250 RAM, it comes with Windows Home Vista Premiun, it lets me easily install the AutoCAD 2008 and / or the 2009, but I have NOT been able to ACTIVATE any of the two programs (error always comes out !!! ) and as someone commented previously, generates a time limit (30 days) to activate any program or otherwise it would be blocked (to avoid this the best thing would be to uninstall the program before the deadline is met, because later it does not allow it do). QUESTION: How do I activate any of these two versions of AutoCAD (particularly the 2008) on this computer ????

  25. No, there is no patch for that. To have it in Spanish, the Spanish version must be installed.

  26. apologize I would like to know if there is a patch to go from English to Spanish in autocad 2009, since I have it installed in English; but I find it difficult thanks

  27. In the images that show the background of the drawing area is white in which istale is gray and I do not like I can change the background color ?????

  28. Hello everyone, I have been a designer for a long time and I have used autocad for more than 8 years, I have handled almost all versions from R13 until now the best one for me is the 2008. I recommend that you try SketchUp is very easy to handle and there are many resources on the internet for your learning. 2D, 3D, Terrain modeling (you can't imagine everything that can be done), for civil engineering, architecture, graphic design, industrial design, mechanical design, infographics, etc. I personally think it is the best program they have done. It even has plugins to generate cost reports and work quantities. I recommend it.

  29. Find your AutoDesk representative in Colombia, there are generally courses for students at low cost and there may even be scholarships

  30. How can I acquire the autocad 2009 and take the corresponding courses


  32. The autocad 2009 is very good and practical to use because it saves us a lot of time since it has all the easiest tools to use in direct boards. But of how many gb I have to have available on my computer to be able to use it as quickly as possible, since it hangs a lot when I use it ...

  33. the autocad 2009 is very good it hurts that you have to have a memory that exceeds that of i gb because it locks and it breaks me that you can only use it for a month
    Because the activation code prompts me and I can not get it anywhere !!! If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

  34. I think this new cad is a waste of time and money, as it incurs too many demands on codes and other things, so soon 2008 is better and I really do not see any difference in the use of these programs

  35. is the best report I've read about autocad 2009, the most complete and objective, THANKS

  36. All those who are crying about how the 2009 autocad works are just two things, one that doesn't know anything about computers and that doesn't know how to configure the autocad environment, if it's a ****** as well as the programmers put the tabs »If you also allow us to remove them, if you do not like the new toolbars then import an interface from another previous autocad or the one you like or simply modify it. Now if it consumes many resources it is normal since it is to sell new equipment is pure marketing, but also do not use it with an 3 pentium and with ram 256, and know that it is a graphic environment the dedicated video memory of 48 -64 megas is not enough I have a p4 3.0 with 2g in ram and nvidia8600 of 512 and I have plenty of machine to use the 2009. Do not talk about a product if you do not know what must be behind.

  37. If your version works for you, do not change it even though it is irreversible, Autodesk will not change our opinions

    If you are going to move to 2009, make sure you have enough RAM, learn to do what you can and it will take you a couple of hours nothing more

  38. I have AutoCad 2008, I recommend to put the 2009, because for all the comments above, I think it is a very bad, better leave the 2008 .. ??

  39. I have been a user of autocad 2009 for quite some time; this program has been really good, however in this version, I will stop using it, it is the stupidest thing ever created. I can not believe they made such an unmanageable version. It's amazing the amount of resources he uses to incorporate the stupid TABS that do not work for damn thing. Bad, very bad I would say, because if they did not sell legally, now they will do it less, because many users, or in a pirated way, will buy it.

  40. damn autocad 2009, nomas I have it installed because the 2008 cd is lightning, besides the only good thing are those mothers of the toolbars in the form of Ribbon, the beggar closes me every time, and marks me a rest of errors

    If someone has a way to correct it or I pass some link to download the 2008 again


  41. You go to his office and give it to him ... hehe

    Or you send it by mail


  42. hello look I already have the autocad 2009 but the problem is that already installed asks for an activation code but there is the detail that when I go to the crak to 'put the patch sends me error and I do not get anything keygen good I hope put your hand out there

  43. The Autocad 2009 consumes 5 or 6 times more resources than the 2008, and has many problems with hatches. It constantly closes and generates errors, reminds me of the 2000 version

  44. Ps if it is ok but in the case of auto cad map 2009, which will be the improvements, someday will come included generate the cudriculas based on your cordenadas as in arcview clear inserting images tif gif ecw and new interfaces to create different files

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