The best of 2012 in Geofumadas

Finishing this year, this entry draws two outstanding articles from each month. Although I would have wanted as other years to make a good joke of the day of the innocent, the vacation has taken time in the family, trying to regain strength for a new year that will surely be demanding.

2012 geofumadas

Some of these entries have several hours of work, such as the analysis of the best version of AutoCAD, others are outstanding in innovation such as GPS Posify, others represent priority days in the year. Here the list.


Import Google Earth image into ecw format

Generate technical memory of plots with CivilCAD


Excel to Google Earth, from UTM coordinates

AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99


4 What's new in Google Earth 6.3

Pointools, the steroids of Bentley Descartes


15 Twitter accounts to follow

Template to convert decimal geographic coordinates to degrees / minutes / seconds, then to UTM and draw the polygon in AutoCAD


Stay inspired! Letter to my collaborators

Where are gvSIG users?


The Great Year of Google Chrome

Of the coups d'etat of Honduras and Paraguay


What has been the best version of AutoCAD?

Free Remote Sensing Book


GvSIG course applied to Territorial Ordering

GPS and Google Earth in Cooperation


Comparison table of almost 50 total stations

Portable GIS Version 3, almost everything from a USB


Posify, low-cost GPS centimetric accuracy

Sokkia Series 50 Total Station Manual


Understanding the BIM concept, in the case of Bentley Systems

What are Bentley and Trimble up to?


Influence of 10 + Twitter accounts in the geospatial environment

End of the World 2012 What if the Maya were right?

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