The right mouse button

In the case of AutoCAD, it was very common to use the right mouse button to execute the same command again. In the case of Microstation, it is used a lot to resetear a command, equivalent to the key e in AutoCAD.

But from AutoCAD 2000, that the contextual dialog allows us other options, it is questionable which is better.

For this, both programs implemented the option that the dialogue box can be activated in a sensitive way, that is, it is always used for a particular function but that the context box can also be invoked.

With Microstation.

When we use the program for the first time, the first time we right click, it asks us if we hope to use the button to reset command or to activate the dialog box (This is with XM or V8i versions). Custom makes us use the first option, but we may never know how to return it.

This is resolved as follows:

Workspace> preferences> Imput.

There we have several options, among them you can see that the command reset can be activated with the esc key, this for those of us who miss AutoCAD with the third rib.

right mouse button autocad microstation

Now, if we want the right button to always activate the dialog box, then we selectright mouse button autocad microstation

Reset Pop-up Menu, with the alternative Click

If we want this to remain to reset the command, then we choose the alternative Press and hold. Then down we select how much time we have to activate, this runs with the bar, and instead of doing it with thousandths of a second that no one can imagine, it is done in proportion to 60 parts of a second. So if you run up to 15 it will be a quarter of a second.

And, ready, if I right click, I reset the command, if I right click but pressing and hold, I get the dialog with the most common commands or the context of the command in use.

With AutoCAD

Being using Civil 3D makes it difficult to find Tools> options, so the command can be typed in the old one: options and then we do enter

IWhat can be configured, nothing more than here the time is in milliseconds.

right mouse button autocad microstation

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