The creativity of BitCAD

I think the advertising of BitCAD, of IntelliCAD, which by the way is a low-cost alternative to AutoCAD as I spoke to you a while ago when we made a Broader review Of this program.

It gives a good lesson to the Marketing department By Manifold Hehe

And as I like them, I'm going to advertise for free ... maybe one day they'll remember me. Here are some examples.


In addition to being creative the campaign, is pointing to its four main weapons:

The format, Native DWG (they say), even up to AutoCAD 2009 versions

The support, This for what the mara complains that the big companies do not give support to small clients

Similarity to AutoCAD, Most commands work exactly the same, including AutoLISP, ADS, and DCL routines.

Price, that's your strongest weapon ... 10 times below. This issue is being hammered down, in association with the environment that suffers the economic crisis.





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  1. I believe that the most important thing is not highlighted, and that beyond the compatibility with AutoCAD, the support for the .DWG of the IntelliCAD Consortium makes it compatible with a number of standard CAD applications. I believe that if the IntelliCAD assaulted the industry it would be an intersante process for the evolution of the software market for CAD.

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