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In an earlier post we talked about the Desktop tools Of CadCorp, in a model similar to From ESRI. In this case we will talk about extensions or additional solutions for development or expansion of capabilities.

Although in this sense, the comparison of these tools is not so easy to define parity with ArcGIS Engine and ArcIMS because the business model of CadCorp is much more attractive.

1. ActiveX Development Tools Runtime

Control Modules (CDM)

image The basic development tools of CadCorp come in what is called control immersions (CDM), with the advantage that they bring both user interfaces and wizards and intuitive user interfaces in the logic of the map user. So the Modeller development kit, for example, has an interface similar to MapModeller only for programming purposes. These tools are a simile (not so similar) to ArcGIS Engine and ArcSDE of the ESRI family.

  • The MapViewer tool has its CDM Viewer component
  • The MapManager tool has its CDM Manager component
  • The MapModeller tool has its CDM Modeller component

It can be developed using ActiveX technology and with languages ​​like Visual Basic, Delphi, C ++ and PowerBuilder.

These CDMs have an interesting feature and they can be licenses for time (runtime), so that a one-year license can be acquired, for example, allowing a developer to acquire the product only for the duration of a project that is developing This greatly lowers costs, although the concept of "license by programmer" is a bit bizarre, and not by PC.

This also lowers costs for applications developed for resale, as users only need to pay the cost of the runtime license (usually a value close to the 40% of the original component).

2. Tools for web development

image [49] This is a functionality that allows the creation of applications to operate under Web services, as well as to create data under standards of diffusion in Intranet or Internet.

  • MapBrowser

MapBrowser is a product of free use to manage data services under OpenGIS geographic standards, one of the advantages that CadCorp supports the OGC. In this way you can develop both Web Map Server (WMS) applications oriented to the publication of maps, Web Feature Server (WFS) oriented to the transfer of geometries in formats GML / XML and Web Coverage Server (WCS); all with the advantage of being within a standard of open use.

This is a highly potential solution, compared to the closed mentality of ESRI under its IMS / GIS Server products.

  • GeognoSIS

Previously there was ASC, or Component of Active Server, this solution is being abandoned and CadCorp offers GeognoSIS.NET that extends the functionalities of the other development components to implement applications for use in Intranet or Internet. Using the .NET development environment or other HTTP and SOAP-based languages ​​such as Java that can be executed on multiple servers. This tool is similar to ArcIMs in the ESRI family.

There are service translation tools created under the previous ASC towards GeognoSIS.

3. Business Development Kit (EDK)

image This is a developer product package that comes in two forms:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK), For creation of applications of technology ActiveX
  • Internet Development Kit (EDK), which facilitates the development of spatial data to be disseminated as web services (web services) This tool is a simile (not so similar) to ArcGIS Server in the ESRI family.

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