Hispanics in the United States

map of the united states

Almost the 100% of the people I have seen in the buildings are of Hispanic origin, there is almost always a Honduran, many Mexicans and it is not surprising that most do not have documents. Speaking of the subject with my instructor, because I have been involved, he has let me investigate how many Hispanics there are in the United States, to follow up on the culture shock that this has in the area of ​​construction.


Most constructions are made with Hispanics, of course gringo style. Large numbers of immigrants live in old neighborhoods, it is said that the presence of these influences the trends of surplus value to be implemented cultural practices that the Americans do not accept. After searching the Internet I found Pew Hispanic a page dedicated to maintaining information related to the immigration of Hispanics to the United States. I was struck by the migration map, which although built in Flash, shows the growth that Hispanics have had in the different districts in each state in four stages: 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2007.

The page has much more data than its upper menu, there are statistics, profiles of immigrants, demographic studies by state and country of origin. I recommend it.

To give an example, if you want to know the countries with more Hispanics in the United States, including Spain, this is the result:

No. Country Population Percentage
1 Mexico 29,189,334 64.3
2 Puerto Rico 4,114,701 9.1
3 All Other Hispanics 2,880,536 6.3
4 Cuba 1,608,835 3.5
5 El Salvador 1,473,482 3.2
6 Dominican Republic 1,198,849 2.6
7 Guatemala 859,815 1.9
8 Colombia 797,195 1.8
9 Honduras 527,154 1.2
10 Ecuador 523,108 1.2
11 Peru 470,519 1.0
12 Spain 353,008 0.8
13 Nicaragua 306,438 0.7
14 Argentina 194,511 0.4
15 Venezuela 174,976 0.4
16 Panama 138,203 0.3
17 Costa Rica 115,960 0.3
18 Other Central America 111,513 0.2
19 Chile 111,461 0.2
20 Bolivia 82,434 0.2
21 Other South America 77,898 0.2
22 Uruguay 48,234 0.1
23 Paraguay 20,432 0.0

Some data seem low to me, but they are an important point of reference. It also has a map in 3 Dimensions where extremes like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston are seen.

map of the united states

It also can Download the complete statistics in an 4MB Excel file.

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