The 2 Ipad, From our perspective

Yesterday has been a very exciting day for fans of Apple technologies, mainly the current and potential users of Ipad tablets. Although the keywords that saturate today the search engines on the subject are asking about criticism of the Ipad 2, if it is convenient to buy one already, if you can update an Ipad 1 and news that has brought the second generation of Ipads; I want to concentrate on a more analytical theme of my perception and that goes more in tune with a succulent cup of moka coffee with half an ounce of amaretto.

Ipad 2 reviews

Steve Jobs, the genius behind the 2 Ipad

Yesterday I'm interested follow up the issue, after searching in many media that did not go beyond notifying the assumptions, I ended up going to Twitter, where every minute could see something of what was being offered in the presentation; the famous live broadcasts only took me to pick up a worm that cost me to take out of the Netbook. Finally I saw the formal reviews of the influential media and at night the high definition video that Apple posted on its page.

At the marketing level, really a great episode, from the leaks of how it would be, the expectation, and the event itself a whole show.

The genius behind this is still Steve Jobs, who although retired by health has proven to be the charismatic leader of this new stage of Apple. Not that man has great charisma, his cynicism, arrogance and mockery of competitors could be considered by many even unethical; but it does so well and so naturally that we even end up enjoying the moment.

Man has shown to have more than one life, to see him go on stage, something thin but with the same sense of humor is admirable. Surely he is a man who has won many criticisms, added to those that should bring from his school as a classic "nerd", Which does not change much with his" fatally casual "style of dress. But nobody can do much to criticize one of the icons of the Valley of Silicon, unquestionable exemplar of what it means to have ingenuity and materialize it with so much style. We would like to have been partners in at least one of their 230 awarded patents.

So, between the prominence of Jobs and the credibility of Apple, which is now everywhere with its small white stores, it seems that the Ipad 2 will be well received.

Potentials of the 2 Ipad

Definitely, the tablet is going to be great in 2011. Just a year ago the cartoons were left over, making fun of Jobs presenting his "Iphone 4 on 1", They resembled a Stone Rosette of Egypt, Questioned its size, that it did not have USB, that it did not have camera, that it did not support flash, anyway.

But a year later, 14 millions of those things were sold. The competitors have made better teams, but nobody has managed to sell as many as to mark a trend or steal a considerable percentage. This reason leads Jobs to say that they do not ask for a USB slot to such a neat object, that a digital pen is unnecessary ... difficult to understand but come from Apple, will finally set trends, just as we have ended up accepting Itunes as the only gateway .

Now, a version is released that simply with the Core Duo processor that it brings, has made the eyes of the developers shine. Until now, with applications, many of them quite elementary Ipad was used for fairly simple routines, a few became highly specialized, but including the free became the incredible sum of 63,000 ready for download. Definitely, now I think so, we will have AutoCAD WS as it is in the web version, better and free (I hope). Likewise, I do not doubt that ESRI is already thinking about something great not only with ArcPad, and Bentley, for sure, will give a good look at the prototype that I had in my hands in Amsterdam last year.

Other improvements bring you attractive applications, such as the two cameras and the gyroscope, with which I believe we can do wonders in the geospatial issue. Now the GPS can integrate compass and camera at the same time, potential that photogrammetry and Lidar technologies can take advantage of with that processor. The new applications that have been shown are only to challenge the developers, music and video editing with the fingers, with an incredible performance of the processor, they are attractive that surely woke up the scream in the design industries.

Ipad 2 reviews

The other changes are mere glamor, the blanket multipurpose, white, which is now lighter, more colors ... are just an obligation of Apple's tendency to do things that not only run well but also look nice.

The problem with Adobe.

This is a fundamental issue, really delicate. Apple has decided, and I do not think it will change over time, evade support for flash on Ipad tablets. The crossfire has been at a high level between two very large.

The problem with this is the final outcome. One of the two will end up being seriously damaged. In my opinion, whoever leads it to lose is Adobe for the following reasons:

  • Most videos that are seen online today, many games and colorful animations on the web, are deployed without the need to run on flash. The combination of html5 with the execution of routines in different layer with javascript and the impeccable management of style with css have made this possible at a time when high definition video is being heavily exploited.
  • The new 2 Ipad brings support for javascript, which means that many will prefer to adapt their development rather than continue to struggle with flash.
  • For Adobe, flash is a line of great importance. It bought Macromedia to kill the competitors of Illustrator (Freehand) and Photoshop (Fireworks), but the combination that it has made between Dreamweaver and Flash in Adobe Air is a subject in which they have thought seriously and where the full potential of Adobe in the content management for the Internet.
  • Meanwhile, Apple is a company with its own whim, it survived to be the tool of an elite for many years. He won and he earns a lot of money with what he does, so he will not give his arm to twist by animated vectors. In addition, it takes the lead in positioning users who connect via mobile phones.

Today has circulated the news that Walt Disney Has bought Rocket Pack, which carries this purpose, get rid of your dependence on flash and at the same time work applications outside the App Store. So, we will have a difficult year, Adobe associating with the other great ones that make tablets and popularized software; Apple at your whim, exploiting your position and all potential users waiting for you to decide if FarmVille chicken farms can be grown on the Ipad 2.


Great year for the theme of tablets. Just as the Netbooks were about three years ago. If there is any gain in this, it is knowing that every day more market is turning towards Apple, which has someone who defends it with style and money. Sure if it reaches a higher position in the market, its prices will fall and applications will multiply, which are the ones we occupy in the end.

What if it's worth buying an Ipad 2?

  • Yes, if you have the money, to buy one of 64 GB at once, because there is no upgrade.
  • Yes, if you had already decided to buy one, it has the same price.
  • Yes, because it will be the same throughout the year.
  • Yes, if you take care of it immediately and we take advantage of not carrying cables, mouse, rucksack and, if we consider that being connected contributes to be more productive -Silver and not just glamor-.

What is certain is that it no longer makes any sense to buy an 1 Ipad, which from this month will begin to be sold as donations to anyone who pays less.

Meanwhile, we from the geospatial world, to wait for AutoCAD WS, ArcPAD for Ipad and Project Wise Navigator to force us to decide for an Ipad 2.

No, I have not for sale my Ipad, yet.

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  1. When the keyboard of the ipad is placed in the middle of the screen you can download it by pressing the right key below and press and ok.

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