AutoCAD Educational Licenses

We are aware that a student who is attending a university degree does not have many facilities for the $ 2,000 that may be a commercial license of AutoCAD. We are also aware that the generalized trend has been illegality.

The professionalism

In some environments, piracy is still considered a worthy cunning. But little by little it has been falling in reason that, the same students, when they graduate they would not want someone to steal their copyrights for a job that has cost them time, effort and money. In the end, piracy constitutes a bad habit in the face of the professionalism that we must profess.

Well we invest $ 600 in a computer, without thinking about the option of stealing it from the lab or from a classmate. Similarly, getting used to investing in software should be part of becoming responsible people who aspire to succeed as professionals.

Educational licenses

For this reason, educational licenses arise, which are complete versions but at much lower prices and for a limited time. They are usually for 61 months, which is an approximate time that can last the race without entertaining in children or extemporaneous work.

The stores that sell these licenses are authorized by AutoDesk, require to register to be a student of a University or College and to be studying at least one subject of 3 units of value. For this, it is enough to scan a license and an administrative form of registration when buying.

The purchase can be made by credit card or Paypal and shipping is not very expensive because it is software.


They vary by the type of program, generally they walk by the $ 148, in a license of 5 years of AutoCAD or Revit. There are also perpetual students, they can be scalable to a commercial license, as would happen once the student graduates, places his company and prefers to avoid a fine before the software audits that are now very common.

In practice, educational licenses are an acceptable alternative, which can be required by students, instructors and training centers. There are also licenses like these for non-profit institutions.

Where to buy them

One of these distributors is Studica, which exists from 1985 and that apart from AutoDesk also distributes educational licenses of SolidWorks, CadSoft and Sketchup Pro.


Ir a

Autodesk Academic Software

Autocad 2010

4 Replies to "The AutoCAD Educational Licenses"

  1. How to know how much time I have left to use the free license I am using?

  2. The technocratic class must be closer to the citizen, not only in its civil aspect, but also in the professional one. Developments such as those of gvSIG follow this line, which we do not forget has part of business as well. I can not afford to work in my SME with ArcGIS and AutoCAD, and less to update the license. We need free software coverage. The prices of products such as ArcGIS (not to mention the extensions) and AutoCAD are excessive. Why do not they learn from other American computer giants?

  3. You said it!!! 500 euros worth a computer. The price of GIS is unacceptable

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