Maps at the time of searching flights

Finding the Google API is no longer surprising in a lot of businesses on the Internet. A segment where it has had more success is in the case of the sale of airline tickets that seems to have found a good reception.

For a while I had considered that these services were unnecessary for travel operators, but every day there are new places, and I had to resort to one of them on my last trip when I had to change my return itinerary at the last minute. Although the flight solution could be solved by my travel provider, having only 40 minutes to find a hotel would not have been possible without these sites; it was only necessary to place the date, city and ready ... to choose.

I was able to make the reservation for a low price, fly quietly without worrying that I would arrive at an unknown destination at 10 at night.

One of these sites, with a greater presence in Spain is Destinia, which apart from the simple flight search engine has added extra features with the Google API. See for example, if I'm looking Flights Madrid - Mallorca, just select the itinerary details such as dates, number of companions ... and press the orange button.Flights madrid palma de mayorga

The lower map is built on the Google Maps API that shows the origin, destination and a straight line that unites them.

Flights madrid palma de mayorga

Additionally, you can see useful information such as time zone, temperature and weather data of both places.

In conclusion, more of the integration of maps, which is interesting because of my affinity with the theme, the functionality of the page is very robust in the search for different solutions related to travel such as:

  • Beaches
  • Hotels and Boutiques
  • Apartments
  • Cars.

And of course, flights Cheap.

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  1. Of course the appearance of googlemaps has been and is an important advance, not only to find flights through a multitude of tools, but also has meant a great way to facilitate the arrival to any point of the world in detail and quality.

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