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This is a summary of the post with the highest number of comments registered, I have selected those that reached at least until 10.

Popocatepetl About natural wonders (156), maybe what happens with these post is that they are of general interest and awaken in each person the thorn of patriotism. Although they have been an issue added to the theme only by territorial interest ... but that has meant nothing less than 156 comments.

Autocad About AutoCAD (119) here comes out to highlight a validity issue since being in the 2008 year we already used AutoCAD 2009 (!!!) although I get the impression that here there is something more for that strange taste of our Hispanic countries for a technical practice known as piracy.

excel Between Excel and AutoCAD (103), this because in this field I have provided some tools that solve a daily need though. For the most part, the tools have been focused on both AutoCAD and Microstation.

Google Earth Google Earth and other perversions (98), what to say, everyone likes Google Earth but they want to see how to get more out of it for entertainment, leisure and perversion.

Esri By wiggles and the brands ESRI and Bentley (57), the post to kill a beach was wagged, hence 16 got comments. The other two are product of are result of insisting with exercises between Microstation and ArcView

Although the comment that is presented the most, and that to date has not passed the moderation is:

Tylenol with codeine. Codeine cough syrup. Codeine phosphate.

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  1. I wish I did not have that image, but after seeing so many practices in pubic and private institutions ...

    What seems ironic to me is that an official from a municipality, who knows he cannot acquire software for $ 4,000, is so reluctant and incredulous about an opensource license. Nor is there a policy in many of these countries for savings in information technology that allows the implementation of low-cost technologies.

    But, well, I'll keep your comment in mind.

    a greeting

  2. Here is something more for that strange taste of our Hispanic countries for a technical practice known as piracy.

    Mmmm do not you think that writing articles about it helps to give that image? I like your posts more about software that is not piratable because it is free

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