The other and the same time ...

As if it was that time As if there is no time
I gave myself a moment today
to think
in that
Same time.

As if
The same moment,
I gave myself another time, to search
In my head
Those eyes
what they leave
What I still feel,
Although there is no time.

No longer the same time

Since there is no more time As if there is no time
Today I went to look for you
In the same space
Of that moment,
To feel again
Your sweet look
Here very inside.

Although it is another time.

And, like, it's another time
The square is alone
The lantern is not there
the fountain.
But i would swear
You still live here
In the air, and in the same wind.

As if it were, that same ...
the same time

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  1. There is no doubt that when the poet is inspired, maturity is a born dialogue.

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