Poker, an alternative to the crisis


Six months ago Pokersapiens opened the doors, a poker school where near 5,000 students have completed their different degrees of undergraduate, diploma and master. These days, it seems that the economic crisis is ending, the alternative of online games seems to recover its level and, to know what Pokersapiens offers, here I leave the most significant:

Why study

El poker it is one of the card games, which not only depends on luck; There are statistical, mathematical principles and disciplinary techniques to improve memory that can be applied to obtain favorable results. For this, Pokersapiens emerges as an interesting alternative to learn to play poker, in passing is free.

Pokersapiens The degrees they offer

  • The Diplomatura. This is a grade for beginners, who have never played on the Internet, although they may have done it manually. It is also aimed at those who know absolutely nothing and want to start from scratch.
  • Degree. This is for users with some level of knowledge, who hope to improve their practice and learn new tactics.
  • The master. This is for those who already dominate in poker, who aspire to know advanced tactics and tricks that they did not know exist.

Pokersapiens Promotions

Once you learn, Pokersapiens pays you the first deposits so that you demonstrate your knowledge and earn money without betting your money.

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