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Twitter has come to replace much of the tracking we used to do with traditional feeds. It is questionable why this has happened, but perhaps one reason is in the efficiency of breaking news from the mobile and the possibility of filtering on lists that set aside content that is out of our interest. In my case, I follow up using Flipboard, but in practice every day the contents that I see there are more than filtered accounts of Twitter and some sites that I know update with clear periodicity.

It is clear, the content of Twitter has a life span of hours, something like the traditional printed newspaper; nobody looks at a content two days ago that has gone to the abyss, just as yesterday's newspaper barely served to wrap shrimp and line piñatas. Twitter, unlike Facebook, has a more impersonal use, with many results for news notification; that's why artists use it a lot and almost any company that looks at what's coming up with an Internet based on influence. In the case of the publication of specialized blogs on a subject, the content remains for life, revitalized as Google indexes and recycles more visitors and comments. Of course, the disadvantage of the blog is that the rate of publication is lower, leaving much of the new or foreign content to go to your Twitter accounts. Also many bloggers decide that theirs is not Twitter.

Today I want to list 37 accounts linked to the geospatial theme to which I take the track, some of them monitoring a while ago. I called it Big Tail in an image that was leaked a couple of days ago, in reference to the model that in this digital world contradicts the traditional Pareto scheme, making each account worth the contribution it makes to the ecosystem, where the value is not in the star products but in the sum of the whole web. Half of this was just theories in strange classes at the Universities, and there is still a difficult time to understand:

Today, a superaccount would not do much with a twit, If there is not a series of Retwits that distribute the news to the social web. In the case of printed publications, a large print run was great by itself.

We have done before pursuit and recommendation of accounts, the last one was just a year ago. Today I am going to use the exponential trend, to segment this group of 37 accounts in at least 5 segments, using the 24 of 2014 as reference. Although this list is marked by the Hispanic approach of Geofumadas, it includes 12 accounts in English and two in Portuguese.

Let's see what we call the Top 40 of Geofumadas on Twitter.

The Top Geospatial, large Twitter accounts.

Applying an exponential method to the 37 accounts, it reflects an intersecting trend of 13,920 followers.


4 of these are of Anglo-Saxon origin (marked in Red) While one of Portuguese origin (marked in green), then there are four of Hispanic origin, although we are aware that Ingeniería en Red and BlogIngeniería are not really geospatially specific, we place them there because they are a benchmark for accounts that can grow competitively, as well as Gerson Beltrán, who is one of the the few accounts with a personal name in this list.

This whole segment shows significant differences between one and the other, with jumps that are almost in the 20,000 followers, against which they are in the line of the trend graph in the 7,000 followers.

Top of the trend line are the accounts between the 10,000 and 20,000 followers. It will hardly change this in a next revision that we will make in December:

1. @geospatialnews 19,914

2. @gisuser 16,845

3 @ingenieriared 13,066

4 @blogingenieria 12,241

5. @MundoGEO 11,958

6 @gersonbeltran 9,519

2 are exactly in the trend, equally separated from the rest of the queue:

7. @gisday 7,261

8. @directionsmag 6,919

Something interesting about this first segment, too, is the reach of digital magazines linked to the promotion of global events, which leave to the next level magazines that traditionally existed in printed format, such as the cases of GIM International and GeoInformatics.

The rest of the Geospatial Accounts Queue

Notice that if I separate the previous accounts, I have a new graph where you can distinguish four groups, starting precisely from the Geofumadas account, with a tendency intersection of almost the 5,000 followers.


If we represent the same graph in a distributive way, we see a more representative view of what is in this collection of 29 accounts, in segments of 25% each one that we call Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4:


Q1: 3 accounts

Just 3 accounts represent the 25% of accumulated followers, being Esri Spain is the only software account that I am including, for being an interesting reference in the geospatial sector.

9 @geofumadas 4,750

10 @Esri_Spain 4,668

11. @URISA 4,299

In this segment is Geofumadas. Particularly it has been an interesting experience, from my initial aversion to a model in which I did not see foundation, until the evolution that we now see in the following FollowerWonk graphics:

This was in December of 2012, when we had just one node higher than the 100 followers in meso america and one in Spain above the 400. The orange nodes represent tens and the blue nodes represent 10 followers.

This was before we reached the first node of 1,000 followers, and just one in the United States.

This is the current map of our followers. With a super node in Spain, two in the United States, one in Mexico and three in South America that includes one in Brazil.

Geophysical follwerwonk

Q2: 5 Accounts

This 25%, unlike the previous one, has three Anglo-Saxon accounts and two Hispanic accounts. This shows the delay of those who neglected to enter Twitter at the indicated time, despite being references in the Anglo-Saxon environment, as is the case of Geoinformatics that even lost the opportunity to reserve the name and should have acquired Geoinformatics1. It is also interesting the case of MappingGIS which is relatively new but has climbed aggressive steps, and here is also the Orbemapa account, which is quite inactive and possibly in the next revision will be in the Q3.

12. @Geoinformatics1 3,656

13. @pcigeomatics 2,840

14 @mappinggis 2,668

15 @orbemapa 2,541

16. @Cadalyst_Mag 2,519

Cutting out the growths «Non-natural«, That do not bring more than loss of prestige and little authority to an account, it is also interesting to see, that the growth«natural»On Twitter has an approximate trend of 25% per year in accounts that do not exceed the 10,000 followers. So, the longer it takes to enter a company «That should be on Twitter«, More territory will win your competition. A gap is maintained unless a significant effort is made to improve the quality of publications, originality and consistency; so that 500 followers of difference between one and another account could be constant.

Q3: 7 Accounts

Here we have an account of Portuguese origin, and only two of Anglo-Saxon origin, precisely magazines in printed format (Point of Beginning and GIM International). With a bit of luck, the IGN Community account, which is quite inactive, and here NosoloSIG is already recent, but with sustained growth.

17. @gim_intl 2,487

18. @ClickGeo 2,239

19 @Geoactual 2,229

20 @Tel_y_SIG 2,209

21 @nosolosig 2,184

22 @POBMag 1,754

23 @comunidadign 1,731

Q4: 13 Accounts

This list could be infinite, with accounts ranging from the 500 followers to the 1,600. Only two are of content in English.

24 @gisandchips 1,643

25 @comparteSig 1,520

26 @masquesig 1,511

27 @COITTopografia 1,367

28. @egeomate 1,339

29 @revistamapping 1,277

30 @PortalGeografos 1,259

31. @NewOnGISCafe 1,187

32 @SIGdeletras 1,146

33 @franzpc 1,105

34 @cartolab 787

35 @ZatocaConnect 753

36 @Cartesia_org 540


In 6 months we will do a new revision, to see what happened. It is likely that some account that we have left out is considered to handle a total of 40, the graph even has only 28 and not 29 as in the listing. Our selection outside of being capricious obeys to accounts that we frequently follow from Geofumadas, so if you know an account that exceeds the 500 followers and you consider that it has a disciplined publication ...

The suggestion is welcome!

Here you can see the List of this Top40 on Twitter

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  1. Thanks for the mention of @masquesig! It is an honor to appear on this list.

    Congratulations on your work and all the people behind these accounts. If you decide to follow them, you can be sure that they will keep you up to date with the latest in the geospatial world.

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