The topics of the Congress of Guatemala Surveying

Just completed Congress of Land Management and Surveying Held in Guatemala, the previous month, the presentations of exhibitors have been posted. They are available in a single page, although it is more practical to see them in Slideshare, from where they can be downloaded.

I suggest downloading them and saving them in a personal file, considering that in these times no one guarantees what is on the web. It is also a great material that can be used when giving training in the cartographic area.

Then ready the ones that are available, in an approximate order to the theme.

Powerpoint presentationsApproach to the Concept of Territorial Development

Dr. Rafael Zavala Gómez PROTERRITORIOS

Powerpoint presentationsPotentials for territorial development in rural regions.

Experiences initiated by peasant organizations.

Dr. Cesar Eduardo Ordoñez,

Powerpoint presentationsUrban and Rural Challenges of Guatemala of the 21st Century
and the instruments of planning and territorial ordering

Violeta Reyna, Director of Land Management SEGEPLAN

EPowerpoint presentationsOf the Land Administration in Guatemala

Jean Roch Lebeau


A good overview of what they are doing in Guatemala; Told by someone who was there from the beginning in this new stage.

Many challenges too ...

Powerpoint presentationsThe cadastre as a tool for territorial development

Diego Erba, Lincoln Institute for Land Management

Very good, showing how the Cadastre is evolving, and valuable the constant links it gives to promote the work of the Lincoln Institute or publications.

CPowerpoint presentationsTo share: the role of information for land administration

Diego Erba, Lincoln Institute for Land Management

Diego is masterful in this, I like his style of presentations, with a strong visual impact. Even if you were not at the event ... you missed almost everything.

Powerpoint presentationsLand administration in the Netherlands

Martin Wubber, Kadaster

This exhibition shows how the Cadastre works in the Netherlands. A context totally different from ours, but in which processes such as CNR in El Salvador have been inspired.

Powerpoint presentationsDevelopments in the world of land administration: domain models in land administration, cadastres in 3D and key registries

Martin Wubbe, Kadaster

Interesting smoked, on the trends that the subject 3D takes in the Cadastre. A pity, that in our context is not a priority when the 2D is still a challenge, however it is useful to know it because the developed countries are going there. It is also an attraction for large cities, such as Mexico City, Bogotá, to give examples of our context where it can be urgent.

Powerpoint presentationsUse of cadastral information as a basis for land use plans

Eddy Diaz, Cadastral Information Registry

Powerpoint presentationsMunicipal Cadastres - Opportunity or headaches for our cities?

Mario Piumetto,

Lincoln Institute for Land Management

Interesting, a valuable sample of the mapping of cadastral values; A challenge its updating.

Powerpoint presentationsThe introduction of new technologies in the cadastral projects of the region

Golgi Álvarez, Geofumadas

This is our presentation on the trends that are happening in the Central American context on the use of technologies for territorial management.

Powerpoint presentationsCrowdsourcing and Geographic Information

Javier Morales, ITC

This is in English, an interesting paper on the construction of data based on community collaboration. The most sustainable example of this is Open Map Sreet.

Although the topic seems astral, very well managed by Javier who knows that group because often comes to give courses or conferences. Very good reflection at the end, which I completed in the talk of Return to the capital.

Powerpoint presentationsUse and Consumption of Geoservices for the IDE

Javier Morales, ITC

Both this and the following presentation are ideal to know the operation and trends that are having the OGC standards.

Powerpoint presentationsSINIT: a first step for FDI in Guatemala?


A classic this presentation, which shows how geoservices have been implemented in Guatemala. Interesting the welcome that gvSIG has had as an IDE client, plus the MapBender add-on; then GeoServer / Apache for managing WFS and MapServer for WMS / WCS.

A great job, the one from SEGEPLAN and the University of San Carlos, In keeping this issue alive in the region.

See the presentations on the Congress page

View presentations In Slideshare

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