The Wii, the best of my trip

wii console On my recent trip my son would accompany me, but since the friends of the embassy were not consistent in time, we decided that if for that price was a Wii console then I would compare it.

Personally I'm not a fan of many video games for children, but having creatures like these, who respect a crazy rule of their mother that says they will watch TV only three days a week ... I think they are responsible enough.

How to Buy a Wii

In these latitudes, it does not fall from 400 $, although they are in low exists speculation, in Ebay is a frustration that start to $ 75 of base and finish arriving until $ 400 more the shipment.

But in the United States there are other ways to sell used, just as they were before the weekend newspapers that were packed with things that no one wanted to give away and garage sales.

One of the best I thought was Craiglist, a plank species that has subdomains by city and that now has worldwide reach. The interesting thing is that in Craiglist you can find free articles, because there are those who have objects that they want to throw away, but they find it more comfortable to give it away than paying for it in a trash can; If you want to check them just look for a piano, those that were in the houses in the eighties, wooden and enameled keys and you will see that they are free if you are going to bring them.

3mc3oc3l3ZZZZZZZZZ96ff001811d413a129d Left in my rent house. Just pick it up and it's yours.

Location: Clear Lake

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Well, it was just going to, typing a few keywords and there was a list of horny color bugs selling their toys.

wii console

The first time we called, we were answered by a boy who gave the impression of being gay, I do not discriminate his personal taste, but his attitude seemed annoying when he said:

takes it to your risk, my house does not go to prove it, total is only to $ 150.

After spending pennies on a couple of used sales, where if you lose pride you can find many things, we went to Wallmart to look for the commissions of my wife.

There were two guys in the play area enjoying the Wii, they were from El Salvador and they gave us instructions on what things to ask and see to be sure it worked. Then they gave us names of a couple of game stores where they sell used ones with collateral, and the Tomtom was wonderful.

How to test it

We did not, we did not have time and the guarantee was enough.

$ 202, including base, remote control and extra nunchuk, 4 games and $ 10 discount to buy another game.

It was necessary to put it in the hand luggage, and take it out on the airport tray as if it were a laptop. With what it had cost to accommodate her all night.

How to install it

My children were in charge of connecting it, worked perfectly and when we did not know what to do we went to the user manual on the Internet.

It was necessary to press the synchronization buttons of both the controller and the console and be at a distance of more than a meter to see the cursor ... this was in the manual.

Ready, the kids are happy, I left them homework that should be read throughout the manual and explain it to me at night because there are many recommendations of health and necessary care. In passing, I asked them to investigate how this evolution came about and why it is called Wii.

children playing wii console

My son will not be able to use it until the other month, always and until his math grade improves, it's a deal and my daughter showed solidarity and decided to wait as well. They're adorable.

Who will not wait is me,: D.

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