The winners of the 7 Natural Wonders

As announced, the 11 / 11 / 11 announced the winning 7 natural wonders; although it is a preliminary pronunciation because the official count will take a few days, the trends are possibly irreversible and nothing will change. In the present article, I believe Will be the last of this topic The ready without necessarily having a prior order, rather making a conclusive analysis by continent.

This process started in the 2007 year with 440 nominations that people made, from 220 countries around the world. Those who received the most votes and who were also documented by their respective countries, were selected in a total of 77 in an 10: 1 relationship and finally a little over a year ago 28 was chosen in an 4: 1 relationship, of which only 7 would be chosen.

7 natural wonders winners

There was a slight change in the planned process, in the recent year that served to show trends and consolidate the vote; At that time it was announced 14 with more tendency.

I had launched my forecast when the 28 finalists were defined; of the 7 I managed to hit 3: I managed to sense two of Asia and the Amazon Rainforest of South America. Also some of my perceptions of the influence of the zones with greater access to Internet had some level of success and the apathy of the developed countries that one day I mentioned ... ended up leaving Europe and the United States without a miserable participation.

The Asian continent (3 winners)

This was the continent with the greatest participation; of 9 candidates managed to place 3. Creativity was a very good moment in this area of ​​the planet that we least know Hispanics; also the good moment of connectivity that live overpopulated countries like China and India and finally we must also admit that the two winners represent worthy wonders.


7 natural wonders winnersHalong Bay. Located in Quáng Ninh, in Vietnam, it constitutes an incredible spectacle of geological formations, caves and internal lakes in 1,553 square kilometers and 1969 islets.


7 natural wonders winnersThe underground river of Puerto Princesa. This one is in Palawan, Philippines. More than 8 kilometers of navigable river under a mountain, which represents the largest formation of stalactites and stalagmites.


7 natural wonders winnersThe Jeju Island. In South Korea, it is a volcanic conformation of 360 volcanoes, among which stands out a crown formed by the crater of a sleeping one called Hallasen. It looks small but they are 1950 meters literally above sea level.

The American continent (2 winners)

7 finalists managed to hold two, although here the particularity was given that the proposals are shared by several countries of the southern cone, including Brazil that lives an exceptional time on the road to be a power in the medium term and where government awareness Understands what it means to promote what you have to reduce the limitations of the negative (which is usually more).


7 natural wonders winnersThe Amazon Rainforest. This was understandable, in part because there are 7 million square kilometers shared by 9 countries, including some with a lot of cybernaut charisma; also because it is an icon of global consciousness that we are sadly losing every minute.


7 natural wonders winnersIguazu falls. I had not bet on him, thinking that the Colorado canyon would win. But not for pleasure there is this arc of almost 2 linear kilometers of falls between Misiones (Argentina) and Paraná (Brazil).

Oceania (1 winner)

7 finalists barely managed to draw one. Here I imagined the coral reef, but a theme prevailed that has been widely disseminated by altruistic organizations in the region.


7 natural wonders winnersThe Komodo Park. In Indonesia, perhaps the dragon sounds familiar to us, which is why this park was promoted in 1980. Although in total includes a group of islands of volcanic origin that add more than 600 Square kilometers.

The African continent (1 winner)

With just two nominations, he achieved one. I was waiting for Kilimanjaro, but it was influenced by the great concentration of connected users in South Africa, which by the way is also considered a world power in the medium term.


7 natural wonders winnersTable Mountain. Strange plain on the top of a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Well known for rappel tourism, climbing and the cable car have made it popular.

The European continent and the United States the great absentees

It confirms the tendency of the developed areas of the planet (United States and Europe) towards the apathy by subjects that consider cursi; while the tropics and developing countries are driven by a born patriotism. Possibly who has traveled from these places, it is obvious that he knows paradises better than those of his own land, so he will break the little heart and vote with impartiality. But it can not be ignored that in these regions some media from the beginning questioned the mercantilism of the campaign, ignoring the global value that this type of effort contributes to culture and awareness for the protection of the planet; contradicting the supposed great efforts made by these developed countries to counteract global warming.

Surely it would have had different results if it had been an initiative of the United Nations, National Geographic or another entity with more charisma in this context.

Ironic as is the case in the United States, where citizens are alarmed to see how many pines are in a brown tone, it took 30 years to reach that height and in a year they have died due to lack of humidity; When you see it from the air you understand that these brown spots are not autumn ... they simply predict a safe desert in the short term.

But in good time for the 7 natural wonders.

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