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Often, we have two documents that we want to compare. It usually happens when we apply theme changes in WordPress, where each php file represents a part of the template and then we do not know what we did. Equal when touching Cpanel we delete some file, or some folder did not finish uploading via ftp.

Another time, is when we have worked a file in Word, and after it passed through different hands we need to find the last one or how it differs from the original.

For this there are various tools, free and paid. Given the need to make a comparison of the code of header Of Geofumadas, where a broken line was generating an endless query, I have been very useful Code Compare, a relatively simple tool to use.

After trying to download it from Softsonic, which every day becomes less functional with so much advertisement, buttons to hire the paid download service, installers for each download and finish installing RealPlayer without having asked for it ...

I decided to download it directly from the site. Is called Code Compare. At first the menu seems unintuitive, but with a couple of minutes it is understood the logic and simplicity.

Compare code

On the one hand, make comparisons of directories. Just select the routes, which can be on the hard drive or in another redo site, the program returns a report of the different folders and files, marking the differences in colors.

Great, the best your integration with the Windows explorer.

Compare code

Also, it also allows you to compare two text files, showing differences and options for copying from one panel to another in order to unify.

Compare code

Great. Ideal to compare a code that we have changed and detect finger errors. For more demanding users, it has many more options because it supports arguments in command line.

Download Code Compare. It's free.

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