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A couple of years ago, Google began to map the businesses, in that project he was even paying $ 10 for each business that was georeferenced. Now we have a base that can be displayed in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Now imagine that there is an application, that with giving it a location and a radio can extract the businesses that are within that circumference. Preferably by category.

Touche Google Maps Extractor he does that:

Had I had this toy I would have saved many laps in My last trip. Let's try an example:

This is Tomball, Houston, I'll try the TX 77375 zip code. If we see in Google Earth, when activating the layer of places of interest you can see the different business symbols, although not all are displayed at the same elevation for reasons of space, nor are all the categories there.

Google maps extractor

While in Google Maps are seen, but navigation in the left panel is not functional.

Google maps extractor

Let's see it in action

The application seemed great to me, I simply added the location, the category "restaurants", 2 miles around and in seconds the system returned 36 results with more data than could be requested:

Company name, phone, zip code, website, latitude, longitude and a url to see the Google Maps deployment.

Google maps extractor

For geomarketing purposes it is very useful, because it allows to find strategic alliances, businesses of the competition. Additionally you can send the list to an Excel file in cvs format to do more crazy with the latitude and longitude columns.

Box-small-gmaps I suppose that the next version of this application will include a viewer or the generation of a kml.

Price? $ 27 dollars, although you can download the trial version to make sure it is what you are looking for.

Here you can download Touche Google Map Extractor.

At some point the antivirus reported a spyware to me when downloading and installing the program, but it seems to be only the cookie that tracks the trial version.


The general categories of Google Earth are only 12, which are shown in the list on the right, but in total with the sub categories are around 520.

To give an example, Real State contains the following sub categories:

-Agents & Realtors

-Apartment Buildings & Complexes



-Home Inspection

-Property Management


Top Categories

  • Business to Business (3)
  • Education (18)
  • Entertainment (50)
  • Government Offices (10)
  • Health & Medical (51)
  • Organizations (15)
  • Real Estate (7)
  • Restaurants (79)
  • Retail Stores (108)
  • Services (144)
  • Transportation (12)
  • Travel (11) Here Can download The Excel file of all categories and sub categories provided by Reuben Yau.

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  1. I withdraw what has been said, it works but I would say that Google "cuts" the requests around 300 records per session. Good invention, likewise,

  2. Finally I take a while to test it, I found it very interesting, but the demo is only operational in the USA, Canada and Italy (!). Do you know if the "full" would work in Spain? I have not been able to get out of doubt on your website, and I am waiting for an answer from my query by email

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