Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS

image Let's clarify which AutoCAD

We do not refer to AutoCAD Map or Civil3D, which connect to OGC services but to the simple AutoCAD 2007 versions onwards, that is, since they have georeferencing functionality.

Let's clarify which ArcGIS:

  • Does not connect to a locally stored Geodatabase or mxd
  • Nor with a service created via the traditional ArcIMS (does not say)
  • But with a service created via ArcGIS Server, be it local host, intranet or internet.

Let's clarify which toy

  • It is a free tool created by ESRI called"ArcGIS for AutoCAD" that is downloaded, installed that allows that from AutoCAD you can call a data service provided by ArcGIS Server.
  • It requires indicating the URL of the service, and the type of coverage to download. Then it stores it in the Layer Manager and can be handled as if it were a layer.
  • It also respects the symbology and properties as it is painted in ArcGIS and you can consult the data of the associated tables.

We think it is a good initiative to improve interoperability with common CAD tools, because at this point the mara already understood that the alternatives of export and import should be eliminated; Although it remains to be seen what users say and if the level is lowered to connect via ArcSDE to a geodatabase.

Here you can download it

Here you can watch a video of the toy in action.

4 Replies to "Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS"

  1. Good, I downloaded the application and I'm messing around, I have no idea of ​​GIS so I would need help.
    For example I want to connect to, that is already a map is not a server how can I do it?

  2. I want to update with the useful programs to my work

  3. They must be urls that serve data under OGC standards via ArcGIS Server.

    In your country, you will have to investigate what services are available.
    I believe that on the ESRI page there are catalogs of the services that are available.

  4. hello, I installed the ArcGIS for AutoCAD on my machine and I get an error of InvalidURI: the URI is empty.
    I would like to know if I can only attach files to the Internet and how I do it or which pages are compatible.

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