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Logo upsoclIts interface is simple, with no sidebars, no ads, just a search form and an almost invisible menu with five categories.

It is the site of Spanish-speaking origin UPSOCL, dedicated to sharing things that are important for the world. Things that inspRan, things that intrigue, and things that should be seen.

Its name comes from UP = above in English. We suppose that because of the idea in the Chilean context, the CL had some day that connotation; but now that it has different collaborators, SOCL is a way to abbreviate the word Social.

In the end, with 58 a thousand followers on Twitter, almost 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than two million likes on Facebook, it is not important to understand why it is so called. In the words of the authors:

What would happen if we stopped using the Internet to see a dog chasing its tail or a person falling into a river and we started using it to Spreading ideas that can change the way we see the world? What would happen if we took that huge amount of ideas that are not available in Spanish and Eliminate the language gap? ... This is how Upsocl was born.

And as an example, 7 articles that you will surely have heard ringing in the networks, and that have been promoted in UPSOCL:


35 maps to help you To give meaning to the world.

Biological corridors2Bridges and steps for wildlife:

Biological corridors To work with Nature and not against it.

Mobile cage

29 Photos of the past Which will show you with good humor, how things have changed.

The example, a vehicle to mobilize prisoners.

google mapsHave you ever come across This in Google Earth?

You should see what it is about, how and why they did it.

Talking gps

What would happen if A GPS will start talking to you?

A lot of content is also videos. Some as inspiring as they are funny.

Palestinian conflict isrrael

I had never seen the Israel - Palestine conflict Explained so exceptionally.

In times when the theme becomes valid ...

Simple smart ideas

Great ideas, that change the lives of people.

It would seem so simple for those of us who do not have such critical needs.

Our respect to the friends of Upsocl.

Here you can visit the site.

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