Vbookz, the best audio player for iPad / iPhone / iPod

The applications of reading aloud are changing the way we enjoy books, no doubt.

In particular, I have always liked savoring the highlighting and side notes with a real book, stopping and reading slowly to rume the good prose. But it never occurred to me that going on a trip could be used to read.


Vbookz is the best I've found, if you have a digital version of a book. Now I comment on the advantages:

Excellent pronunciation

Both the male and female voice options sound so natural that it has blown me away. In addition to the Spanish language, there are 15 other languages ​​(not a translator) that includes Portuguese, German, Italian, French, UK English and also US English.


Then you have a choice to change the reading speed that works great.

And while it is reading, a highlighting in a magnifying glass is advancing, although it can also be configured to be highlighted yellow.

It is to be appreciated that it preserves the pause when closing the application, so that we do not lose where we are going. I remember that with Sodels there was this weakness, because you had to select the content, then copy and start, so selecting the entire document made the startup slow and if we converted the text to audio there was no way to control the pause.

He is a good reader, not just in audio.

It can also be used to read without audio, so you only have to use your fingers to choose the font size and the text is accommodated to read in a traditional way.

You also have the option to do a text search, with the magnifying glass icon. The font format is anti dyslexia ... interesting.


Read from PDF

This is the best. Sodels had the disadvantage that it required a word or txt version. And although it could be converted, in many cases it was annoying to read the page numbers, footer or header. Vbookz reads only text, naturally.

In case of a word file, just convert it to pdf, which can be done very easily with Pages or Word.photo_1

It supports a sleep mode, so it is not necessary to have the application exclusively and it runs in the background. It means, that we can be using other applications while reading, or have it suspended without stopping. Even if another notification type audio is picked up, it is not paused; if we activate music or continuous audio, it does pause.

You can also have background music while reading, thus fulfilling that precept of one of my mentors who recommended soft music as therapy to achieve more benefit in reading. And an interesting detail, it is possible to share phrases via Facebook.



I have taken pleasure in a two-day trip, while driving I have been able to read the entire "Living to tell it" by García Márquez. I remember that I bought the book but I never read it in full, now, I just downloaded a pdf and that's it… read to go. Although now it has caught my attention to download free books from the library Gutemberg.

A pity that it does not support DRMed or ePub formats, which prevents it from being able to read Kindle files, although it may later be possible. Also there are several applications that allow you to do the conversion.

From here they can Download the app.

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  1. The dialect is Spanish from Spain? Latin?

    Thank you


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