Projected view and section cut with AutoCAD 2013

Among the most significant changes in the recent versions of AutoCAD is the work with 3D models. In forums with the AutoCAD 3D category it was requested that some features of Inventor be taken to the basic version and possibly this is due to the changes that AutoDesk applied from the 2010 versions, although the progress is slow in some way is consistent.

However this is basic for other programs of the competition, for those who did this with AutoCAD in the model, it represents an important advance, much more if we learned it on paper.

let's see the following example using AutoCAD 2013 in one of the works of the teacher Astete López.

1. Construct an 3D object from an 2D figure.

We have this drawing done in 2 dimensions from the Model. To visualize it in isometric mode we go to the Viewcube and choose the isometric view South-East.

Autocad 2013

Then to create an 3D object we use the PRESSPULL command

Autocad 2013

It is interesting that this command works with an object, as if we had converted it into polyline or also from a bounded area. With this last option just click inside the area and then asks us to enter the extrusion dimension. We can also do it dynamically without indicating specific dimension but the movement of the mouse.

Autocad 2013

2. Creating views of the 3D model

For this, we select the Layout tab, and then we indicate that a new presentation is created from the object (Objects) although you can also choose the workspace (Entire model). Observe the transparency of the floating command line on the screen, as it has been implemented in AutoCAD 2012 and 2013. For those who are used to seeing this below the screen, insurance is annoying but the new generations will get used to it; for while, it is still possible See AutoCAD 2013 as AutoCAD 2008 Although sooner or later it will not be possible.

Autocad 2013

Once selected the object asks for the name of the Layout in case of being a new one, or an existing one to bring it to use (make current).

Once the Layout is chosen, it asks us to place the object inside manually. Notice that the Upper Ribbon reflects the commands that apply, such as Model Space selection, orientation, object line visibility, and scale. In this case we place it in the center in plan view (Top).

Autocad 2013

Then to put the other views we choose the Orientation option, and place them as shown in the figure.

Autocad 2013

3. Create section detail in section to 3D object

The projected views came with AutoCAD 2012 but already the cut and section detail was part of the What's New in AutoCAD 2013. From the Create View options it is possible to choose a Full cut that can be vertical or horizontal, also aligned by means of a sloped line or in a parallel cut along a path that makes breaks.

Autocad 2013

After selecting the object and indicating the cut line, only place where to place it.

Autocad 2013

With the Visibility option you can indicate if we want the object shaded, with hidden lines, or with the visible mesh.

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  1. This idea is the best, the bad thing is that I gave myself the time to change version, and now I try to occupy the _viewbase and it gives me the following message «Inventor server failed to load» so it doesn't work for me, if someone knew how to fix this Problemin

  2. Hello

    Thanks for the info. It has been very helpful

    However I have a problem. I need to see the dimensions of several views but they do not appear (not with the method you explained)

    I would appreciate it if you give me a hand with that

    Thank you

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