Will we have Microstation for Mac?

A couple of years ago, AutoDesk surprised us with its Return to mac; Although it is not yet a completely parallel version and some functionality is missing, we understand a marked trend towards a sector until a certain time known as select.

That Bentley returns to Mac, has been an expectation that in recent years has been figuring. Now, seeing that Bentley has been launching Bentley Navigator and ProjectWise for Mac for almost a year, arouses curiosity again if we see a desktop version running natively with the manzanita. Greg Bentley has been very specific the First day of Media Breefing Day, Who think to keep these applications very updated and has caused us greater feeling to see already the first toy running on Android although more oriented to the structural field.

Be inspired 2011b

Today, it is the Keynotes day, shortly we will have Greg Bentley with the theme "Working with more intelligence: The transformation of mobility in information". We are aware that mobile applications are irreversible, geolocation applied to almost everything, among which geomarketing is a very interesting segment.

But I do not think so, in my opinion we will not see a version of Microstation for Mac. Bentley has an approach to Microsoft too marked to be thinking about Apple; but as the day is young, we will know of a better answer.

The rush to follow the event does not give for a larger article, safe with more evidence and time can complete in my leisure time.

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