Webinar: 5 Things You Can Do Better With CAD Software

Imagine that you have a flat 45 game, with boxes or modules in Layout that carry information associated with a table in Microsoft Office, such as sheet number, who approved, approval date, etc. And you need to apply a change to all those planes without having to open one by one, just by changing the data in the Excel matrix.

Surely that use of Excel chained dynamic fields of a DGN and DWG file have many more potentials for engineering, architecture and topography.

In addition, it is also possible to improve productivity using AutoCAD, Microstation or PowerDraft in things like:

  • Import tables from Excel or Word as seen in Office,
  • Control block libraries from a single manager,
  • Edit the image of a scanned plane without leaving the CAD program,
  • Cut part of an image and clean the dirty ones,

This and more can be seen tomorrow Tuesday July 18 in the Webinar «Increase your CAD productivity",

Date: Tuesday, 18 of July, 2017.
Time: 2: 00 PM (Eastern Time - US)

Link: «Increase your CAD productivity«.

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