What they have not said about the Russian meteorite

After nearly two days of contact with an intelligence analyst from the National Reconnaissance Office (ONR), team of experts are confirming an interesting discovery from what they have drawn from the depths of the lake where the Russian meteorite has fallen, Who after declarations had suggested that it was an American missile; And that has been intercepted by the anti-missile technology of the Russians. Using the new NASA Earth Observation System (SOT)Which includes a collection of satellites that constantly monitors the planet to detect climate changes, using very common remote sensing techniques- has found much of the meteorite beneath the frozen surface of Lake Shebarkul, in an area of ​​relative depth.

To distract different ideas have been generated, as it has exploded in the air, and small craters have been shown that do not coincide with the mass of that one. But the research team has been able to detect that the meteorite contains fossils of insects very similar to those on Earth. It prematurely claims to be about extraterrestrial life, however the discovery is something that NASA and other agencies desperately need, as their credibility is being questioned by high personalities who carry ideas to dismantle some departments of NASA .

Four civilian scientists have also been sent to confirm and study the discovery, before the discovery is made public. For now, one of the scientists has warned of something he has seen in the frozen water from the hole where the meteorite has been extracted, and before warning the other scientists, he has been detained by special forces. The other three scientists along with Rachell Sexton are being sent outside the base to check that the hole is sealed to rule out the idea.

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... With the apologies to those who were reading with great emotion, here are some basic answers for a friend who has sent me questions that are of our subject and that of course break the thread suggested by the topic of the article.

Meteorite crater

How close was the asteroid and how much danger did it cause us?

The two phenomena have represented an impressive risk to our planet, nothing new but but with the role played by the media becomes more hysterical.

  • In the case of the asteroid 2012 OF14 with the simple fact of knowing that it happened at a distance 13 times closer than the orbit of the moon (27,700 kilometer), almost the distance to which the constellation of satellites with which our GPS operates ... tells us that we were relatively close . And considering that I had 45 meters in diameter ... needless to say.

But, well, we are aware that scientists have an interesting level of ability to predict the rapprochement of one of these friends in the future; Understood, of course that once it is detected that it comes directly to the land, little or nothing is necessary to do more than to entrust itself to the highest one.

How dangerous was the Russian meteorite?

  • The other case is a bit more stressful, since it's a 17 meter in its longest part, and it takes us by surprise. It is said that many like these happen frequently, The difference is whether they fall near populated places and of course now plays a great role the technology that is available to all to record video, take pictures or capture satellite images.

How likely are we to see this more often?

We should not take the hysteria of the conspiracists, these phenomena are very common.

The reason why this meteorite was not detected as the asteroid is because systems are usually made to identify bodies more than a kilometer in diameter. With seeing the surface of the moon, we come to the conclusion that the earth must have been the target of many impacts as well.

But the earth has an atmosphere that is our best protection, as you can see in that creepy image, that explosion at that height made us hardly reach the sound wave and that was the one that broke the windows of the Chelyabinsk city that until Then it was unknown to the whole world; Although it is in doubt whether it was this explosion or the impact; With which we would have to show a more gigantic crater. But imagine that he had exploded the impact with the surface ... 9 Hiroshimas together tell us another story, at least in the Urals.

The other reason why there are fewer impacts recorded is that most of the land is covered with water, where many of the meteorites are likely to fall; And others in isolated places.

The trail of a falling object is seen above the Urals city of Chelyabinsk February 15, 2013, in this picture provided by www.chelyabinsk.ru. About 400 people were injured when a meteorite shot across the sky in central Russia on Friday sending fireballs crashing to Earth, smashing windows and setting off car alarms. REUTERS / www.chelyabinsk.ru / Handout (RUSSIA - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. DO NOT SALT. DO NOT FILE. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. MANDATORY CREDIT. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

As a lesson learned, we have had to read a little more, and be aware that we are as exposed as safe.

We are exposed to so many dangers around the corner, like a motorcycle running over us, assaulting us while we wait at the traffic lights, that politicians destroy our security ... that if it happened to happen the end that a meteorite will fall directly on us Skull ... there is nothing else to worry about anymore.

Not even in the debts of the credit card, nor finish the mastery, nor who will wear the bath sandals that we have been careful for a long time.

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  1. The Russians now have the opportunity to go out and tell the truth. They cannot keep hiding and hiding the truths that the people need to know; if you are ashamed of your disability, then do not prevent anyone who can

  2. Uufff With the hypochondriac that I am already believed was true of the missile

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